My Perfect Prescription to Fix All of Vince Young’s Ailments

By Eric Williams
Updated: February 17, 2011

New York, NY—I know it seems like forever NFL fans, but it really was just a few short years ago following the 2005 BCS national championship game that now, soon-to-be, former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was a highly touted – and clearly gifted – young signal-caller that was viewed as an unequivocal leader, both on the field and off.

Fast forward five years and Young is now seen as a still athletically-gifted quarterback, but one whose glaring on-field weaknesses and strange locker room behavior have made him an outcast with the Titans and a player with a bit too much baggage for many other teams – even those in need of a new starting quarterback for the 2011 season.

Nevertheless NFL fans, I’ve got a comprehensive three-step prescription for Young to follow this offseason that could not only land him another starting job as early as next season, but restore his reputation as a never-say-die leader that fights to the finish every time he takes the field.

The best thing about my perfect prescription for Young’s restoration as a starting NFL quarterback is that, while it’s comprehensive, it is also quite simple – if Young doesn’t stray from the course that is.

With that said, let me get started gridiron gang.

Dial Up Dungy!

The very first thing Vince Young should do – or should have by this point, is call former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and more recently, Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Tony Dungy.

The beloved former head coach has become something of a mentor to young men – and young black men in particular – and could help Young overcome some of the problems that have really plagued him almost since coming into the NFL.

First and foremost, Dungy is a Christian man with strong moral principles – and although he can’t live Young’s life for him, sharing many of the insights that have helped him become who he is today, could very well help Young just like Dungy’s recent mentorship of Michael Vick.

Dungy won’t coddle Young either, he’ll shoot from the hip, just like he did in November when he said this about Young following his blow-up with now, former head coach Jeff Fisher before walking out on his team and head coach.

I think you cut ties with Vince Young … that’s just wrong.” Dungy told reporters. “No coach in the National Football League has his players’ back as much as Jeff Fisher does. And Vince Young as a quarterback, he’s gotta be with them.”

Dungy will get Young to realize that the sun doesn’t rise and set on everything that revolves around Vince Young, while helping the inconsistent QB mature off the field as a man.

In turn, I think Young’s maturation off the field will help him be able to handle dealing with the unique rigors of being a starting quarterback in the National Football League a lot better than he has so far.

Dungy helped former Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount overcome what could have been a potentially, career-killing, nationally-televised incident and has helped mentor the likes of a multitude of young men that most people will never know about – and I say Dungy can do the same with Vince Young.

Dial up Donovan!

Say what you want about the often-embattled former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback – and soon-to-be former Washington Redskin, but before you say anything negative, you should know that Donovan McNabb has always been one of the most studious quarterbacks in the league when it comes to learning X’s and O’s.

McNabb clearly helped Michael Vick become a much better passer out of the pocket after the latter served as McNabb’s backup during the 2009 regular season. Vick now looks better than he ever has because of his newfound ability to look for at least two or three receivers before tucking the ball and running.

If McNabb’s knowledge and study habits can rub off on Young, then whichever teams lands the beleaguered quarterback could potentially get themselves a younger version of Mike Vick – and we all know how that worked out for Vick during the 2010 season.

Watch Video of John Elway and Steve Young

I fully believe that every fleet-footed quarterback that has a penchant for running with the ball on occasion should be made to watch video of these two Hall of Fame signal callers.

Many ‘running’ quarterbacks like Young and Michael Vick (prior to this past season) have no idea of ‘when’ to run, often taking off with the ball far too soon to see a receiver get open – or too late to escape an onslaught of defensive linemen.

John Elway and Steve Young were two of the most successful and talented quarterbacks in recent league history that had immense running abilities, but used them only when they needed to or when it was to their advantage.

Young would do well to imitate Mike Vick and finally learn how to become a successful pocket passer, which will actually make his feet even more dangerous when he does decide to run.

I’m not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but if Vince Young follows my three-step prescription to resurrect his roller-coaster NFL career, he’ll be better than ever in no time at all. If not, then he could end up as just another athletically gifted quarterback with a mountain of talent that never lived up to his full potential.