George gets redemption; Ramos wins a big one

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 12, 2011

IOWA CITY (BASN) — In his last fight, Don George lost by a damaging knockout last July to Francisco Sierra. Friday night on Showtime, he sought revenge against the undefeated Cornelius White.

In the opening round, White came out jabbing and George retreated. He sent White down with a solid right over a White jab. White got up but he was still wobbled as he stood with hands up high to guard against George’s onslaught.

George threw combinations and forced White to the rope before sending him down a second time. White struggled to get up and he showed his inexperience as he did not hold George nor did he move away from the George assault.

As White crumbled a third time, the referee stopped the fight.

George got his career back on track whereas Cornelius showed that in his first step up, he was not ready for the step up. His knockout record, though impressive, was against inferior fighters and this showed up against George.

As for George, he was considered a protected overrated fighter but on this night he showed that he belonged.


The undefeated Rico Ramos faced Alejandro Valdez in the co-featured SHOBOX bout.

Valdez had faced the stronger competition. Ramos was considered the prospect against the veteran Valdez so this bout was important for Ramos who needed the victory to make the step from prospect to contender.

As for Valdez , a victory was needed to keep him in contender status.

In the first round, Ramos nailed Valdez with a left hook in the opening minutes of the round and used the ring to counter the aggressive Valdez. In the second round, Valdez’s goal was to turn this bout into ugly affair and over the second half of the round, Valdez pushed Ramos to the rope even though he countered more accurately.

In the opening minute of the third round, Ramos shook Valdez with a solid right and repeated this a minute later with another right. Ramos boxed around Valdez and countered more effectively than he did in the second round.

Valdez’s pressure started to wear down Ramos in the fourth round and as the round concluded, the bout turned into a brawl. This benefited Valdez who forced Ramos to fight on the inside as oppose boxing him from the outside.

The fifth round saw more close action but Ramos hand speed allowed him to land sharp accurate punches .

In the sixth round, Ramos missed on a combination and Valdez nailed him with a combination of his own but Ramos managed to land solid combination of his own as he backed Valdez to the rope for the first time in the fight.

The second half of the fight saw both fighters fighting in tight quarters.

In the seventh round, Valdez trapped Ramos on the rope in the opening minute. Ramos managed to escape after being stuck on the rope for a minute but Valdez continued to pressure and made Ramos uncomfortable.

The eighth round was similar but at the end of the round, Ramos nailed Valdez with some solid combination off the rope. The ninth round was repeat of the two previous rounds as Valdez forced Ramos to fight off the rope but Ramos countered effectively.

In the 10th round, both fighters viewed this fight as close as they came out swinging but after the opening minute, Ramos got nailed with accidental head butt.

After the break to recover from the head butt, Ramos nailed Valdez with a solid left before unleashing five or six punch combination that rocked Valdez. Ramos continued to nail Valdez with solid combination through the rest of the round.

Ramos won an easy unanimous decision on the scorecard but the fight was closer in the ring as he took a major step up the ladder toward championship contender. What Ramos showed that he was willing to let loose in the final round against a tough opponent.

In a battle of heavyweights, Eddie Chambers defeated Derric Rossy by unanimous decision with one judge giving Chambers every round. In what was billed as an IBF eliminator Chambers needed this win to put him back into the heavyweight contention.

Nearly a year ago, Chambers got clobbered by Wladimir Klitschko but on this night, he showed that the hand speed was still there. The last time the two fought, Chambers scored a seventh round TKO, victory but on this night, he simply easily out boxed Rossy including sixth round knockdown.

While Chambers failed to stop Rossy, he did show that he had the skills to be one of the best heavyweights. The real challenge for Chambers along with the rest of the heavyweight division; can he beat the Klitschko’s brothers?