The Garden of Good & Evil (Part II)

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: January 10, 2011

PHILADELPHIA (BASN) — On January 8, 19 people were shot in Tucson, Arizona by a gunman outside of a supermarket. Of those shot, 6 people died; the youngest victim 9 years old – the oldest in their 70s.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was interacting with her constituents at a public forum, was shot in the head by 22-year-old Jared Loughner, who, according to accounts was railing about “brainwashing by the government.”

Born into this world a baby; your mind is clear as the air.

Time passes…

You learn to walk and talk

Time passes…

You learn right from wrong

Time passes…

You leave home seeking a life of your own

I’m telling you the natural facts

For what it’s worth

Listen to me people

You make your own heaven and hell

Right here on Earth;

Let me tell you

Tellin’ you the natural facts

For what it’s worth

You make your own Heaven and Hell

Right here on Earth

On earth

On earth

On earth;

Time passes…

And your values change

Life becomes a strange, confusing game

Suddenly you want the finer things in life;

But you find it takes hard work and sacrifice;

Now you’re standing at the crossroads of life

To satisfy your personal wants

Will you do wrong or will you do right?

Well, one thing you must admit – and you know it’s true

The final decision is still up to you;

Ohhh – tellin’ you the natural facts for what it’s worth

You make your own heaven and hell right here on earth;

Telling you the nat’l facts

For what it’s worth

You make your own


And Hell

Right here on Earth;

Tell you one more time

I’m telling you the natural facts for what it’s worth

You make your heaven and hell right here on earth;

Listen people

Life is a giant invisible scale with two sides;

You and your beliefs are the weights…

The things you do each day determine the balance

Your conscience is a flawless judge and jury

The only question is what you want

I’m tellin’ you the natural facts for what it’s worth;

You make your own heaven and hell right here on Earth

Ohh – tellin’ you the nat’l facts for what it’s worth;

You make your own

Heaven and Hell

Right here on Earth…

— “You Make Your Own Heaven & Hell Right Here on Earth” lyrics by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong; first heard on the Temptations’ album “Psychedelic Shack”

The natural fact of this grim reality is that Loughner committed an act of terrorism.

But these truths are also self-evident: I surely could be wrong, but Loughner:

Was not a member of Al – Qaeda; did not speak Arabic or doesn’t have a lineage of Muslim/Middle Eastern background; and Loughner wasn’t asked for his papers while walking around with a loaded weapon because (by Arizona standards) he didn’t look like an immigrant.

But because Loughner was young, White and considered crazy (although he was sane enough to ask for a lawyer) people will go on in a dialogue about the state of his mental health instead of him ending up as a “tragic accident” – where minorities are on the receiving ends of bullets before the smoke clears.

With sports journalism being as compromised as it has nowadays, it was always interesting to see how those who preach morality – handle it themselves once under the microscope.

Jay Mariotti was one of those holier-than-thou punks who would rail on about how Black athletes needed to be “role models” and talk that noxious bullshit with the rest of the assholes on that ESPN Mousecapade called “Around the Horn.”

But last when Mariotti pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge (where it was rumored he beat, verbally and emotionally abused his live-in girlfriend) the ol’ gang didn’t kick that one around, did they?

All these punk-asses so quick to scream on how someone should live their life – all deathly silent; they want Tiger Woods to talk about how many White women (who weren’t his wife) he fucked, but bite their tongue about one of their peers – who is a scumbag for beating on women!

And Mariotti will land on his feet; because those same mainstream mynah birds won’t chirp against their ‘brother’; and his transgression won’t be brought up over and over and over and over like how many times they want to remind you that Michael Vick went to jail.

Or any other Black athlete who did something or was accused of doing something – no matter how long ago it was; just remind those Niggers that we are in control…

And, of course, those advertisers love it when there’s a little controversy to spike the broadcast so their products and services can be peeped at…

Mariotti won’t be referred to as the “wife beater” and there won’t be members of NOW picketing outside his house or putting together active media campaigns urging potential employers not to hire him.

Let’s dip back to that advertising thang for a second. Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once opined that Black people should be treated with “benign neglect.” While some say this was “translated” to mean Black families should be left alone to manifest their own destiny; Moynihan was over 300 years too late for that bullshit!

That “benign neglect” has carried on when it comes to buying and selling to the Black consumer; hence the phenomena of “Non Urban Dictates.”

By definition, Non Urban Dictate usually means that a company is not interested in the Black consumer; and they seek to avoid potential trouble by using this as standard practice.

In trying to track down specific companies doing this, I couldn’t help but think about all those McDonalds commercials I heard and saw as I was growing up.

I had my first McDonalds Big Mac and fries in Neptune, New Jersey after paying ball with my cousins in my pre-teens. A few billion burgers later, “Mickey Ds” has raised untold millions of cholesterol levels; but they made a consistent effort to market and advertise to the minority consumer.

So, in providing what info I was able to dig up, I offer as a caveat that if there is proof to the contrary that the company does not engage in NUD, I stand corrected.

As someone who also grew watching a lot of Gil Noble’s Like It Is and Tony Brown’s Journal, the importance and purchasing power of the Black consumer must be respected; and, whenever possible try to turnover that dollar as many times in the Black community as possible.

So since an educated consumer is a good customer, here’s some of companies and some products I found who seem to have NUD policies in effect:

America West Airlines, the Aruba Tourism Board, Builders Square, Busy Body Fitness, Calico Corners, Ciba Vision, Comp USA, Continental Airlines, Cristal Champagne (at least Jay-Z woke up to that bullshit), Eddie Bauer, Ethan Allen, Grady’s Restaurant, Keebler (fuckin’ elves!), KinderCare , Jos. A. Bank, Life Savers, Lexus, Northwest Airlines, Paternal Importers, Pepperidge Farm, the Pottery Barn, Robert Mondavi Wines, Starbucks – and Weight Watchers

Sadly, as the tragedy of this weekend was about the cruel murder of innocents; and a climate of increased incivility led to six people needlessly losing their lives.

But the Mouse Hole and the vermin that crawl out of it won’t change their tune anytime soon.