Straight No Chaser: White Man’s Burden

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 30, 2011

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DENVER (BASN) — This season, Peyton Hillis says that several teams have taunted him for being a white running back, and I don’t doubt him.

Nonetheless I’ve got to wonder if the Cleveland Brown back has got it as bad as Jackie Robinson had it? What do you think?

I’d argue brothers give Peyton his just do, his “propers.” We tend to be “man enough” to give credit where credit is earned. The man is baaad, and I’m sure Afro-American players told him so after they got-up off their asses and shook off the Snow Ball Express impact and shook his hand and treated him with his due respect.

I’d say Jackie endured much more hostilities based on the insecurities and fears of White men – that obvious “inferiority complex” we all know exist but are forbidden to speak of.

The Browns tailback stated that he encountered taunting this season because of his skin color (White.) He told the Dan Patrick show (via the Canton Repository) that opposing teams trash-talked to him about his race on the field.

“Every team did it,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘You white boy, you ain’t gonna run on us today. This is ridiculous. Why are you giving offensive linemen the ball?’

Peyton is an rare oddity — a White man who has the skill set to actually prosper at the running back position in the NFL. Now what makes his statistical accomplishments so, lets say remarkable and long, long, long over-due – it’s been over a quarter-of an century since a White dude ran for a grand in the NFL . . .

And Hillis had two more games to get a 1,000 yards compared to the 14 contests Craig James had in 1988

Now here-in lies even more hypocrisy; White men dominated the running back position in both the NCAA and the NFL for decades, from the advent of the game on – both sport’s respective hall of fames are stocked full of White dudes who were the fastest, the greatest . . .

Until true integration and competition was permitted.

And, this is critical, White men can still today compete for running back positions, its just that they can’t compete.

Note: Nobody is stopping them today.

The only thing stopping a BYU running back from dominating in the NFL – their physical, mental and emotion abilities, or lack of. It would be only honest of angry White guy sports-writers and fans to admit this.

There’s no banning or barring of White guys from that position or any others on the gridiron which they appear to be, as a entire group, virtually unable to compete at. Perhaps mommies insistence that little Theodore play . . . extreme Marbles, extreme four-square, extreme kite flying and bike riding has got something to do with their exodus from “real men’s games.”

Might dad be a little pre-occupied with his career, or distracted by his golf game to check n’ balance mom’s desires to raise a “nice guy.”

This is the complete opposite of what we have at the quarterback position, where the Redneck Sports fans contention is Blacks aren’t mentally advanced to prosper at the QB position.

We are, as a people, one n’ all – unable to decipher NFL defenses, comprehend complicated NFL play-books nor manage both the game and clock while leading men into battle.

This racist Redneck company line is a given; you can hear that opinion tossed about by White fans of the game daily on sports talk radio, cable sports outlets and all across the vast Internet.

Black men are proving that even against all odds, small penised coaches and owners who don’t want Ebony Signal Callers to succeed and prosper in the league, like the Shanahan Klan in Washington DC, heading up the Savages, the Black Field General is hereto stay.

I’d submit neither Shanahan, father or son believes the Black QB has been historically shafted by the NFL. I’d argue, like McNabb did – they’re unmeetable expectations for Black quarterbacks – because the desire is for them to fail and go away.

The NFL can’t admit to the truth; Quarterback is the last strong-hold for Euro-American Alpha males within the real traditional manly national pastimes.

Once they lose this slot, like they did in baseball, boxing and basketball – White sports fans will turn away, as they were with the NBA pre-Larry Bird.

And if it weren’t for the orchestration of the pro game by the owners – the pro game would have looked like the college game twenty years ago – Black QB’s everywhere . . . but the league understands this nation of consumers won’t consume if it ain’t a Favre, Brady or Manning.

Can we admit ” we don’t see skin color” White America has been, let us say . . . desirous of a White tailback for years . . .

If there too many gifted n’ talented Black sportsmen on the field of competition . . . white folks loose interest. Yes, believe it, your color-blind co-workers and neighbors won’t watch if White folks aren’t involved.

Isn’t that interesting . . . and all so telling, no?

So the rare, rare occurrence of a White tailback, amongst the rushing leaders in the league – is like Haley’s Comet – a once in a lifetime event. The trick now for Hillis, not to be an one trick white rhino. He needs to do it three, four maybe five times over the rest of his career to have any real credibility beyond being an oddity.