Straight No Chaser: The Arizona Massacre

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 13, 2011

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DENVER (BASN) — The “Arizona Massacre,” carried out last week against Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, a “Blue Dog” conservative centrist Democrat was undoubtedly an American low-point, but I believe we’re about to go lower.

I want to get-to-ground on this quickly.

The Right, from the Rush Limbaugh Aristocrats to the rank n’ file Rednecks – their reaction to such an horrific incident – where innocent women and children were cold-bloodily gunned down – clearly reflects the “Ugly American” mentality.

The anger and hostility bubbling, boiling right beneath the landscape of these so-called United States of America is alarming, The condescending Republican Tea Party company line of ” my name is Bennet, and I’m not in it” is far-fetched at best.

To hear these denials by this nation’s conservative base, i.e., angry White people, these apparent direct disciples of Archie Bunker . . .

to grasp the complexities of what these “Real Americans” fears and concerns are, don’t put your ears to the ground, no instead put your ears to the wind . . . listen to the radio.

Tune into your local NFL, NBA, MLB and the NCAA affiliate radio station in your city . . . and you’ll hear a vastly lily White chorus of angry White men, attempting to orchestrate some attempt “take back their country.”

What you’ll hear is authentic, genuine frontier gibberish justifying a bastion of White paranoia, unwarranted fear and an overt, intense “dislike” of . . . “colored people” being verbalized 24/7. . . hell, 365/52, and that particular station, if not the entire Hate Radio industry is, in a significant manner – underwritten by Black athletes.

Talk about contradictions . . .


So, and I understand this is a Plastic Man stretch, but Black athletes, have played, and continued to occupy a limited but real role in the rampage this nation witnessed last week.


Here, let’s you n’ I walk n’ talk; there’s no debate about it – Black sportsmen are sitting silently-by and allowing the radio industry, along with what’s not really more then the Hobbit’s handful of professional franchise owners to underwrite what in some cities doesn’t sound much different then 666-KKK would sound.

Neither elements of this media equation I just mentioned have any issues nor concerns about sharing a media stage with people who sound damn near like Klansmen in the ears of . . . well, everybody, everybody that is excluding angry White folks.

The Black gladiator’s silence, their widespread in-difference and in-action related to being pimped and exploited by the a radio industry advocating armed war against people-of-color is a reflection of their Palm Springs rain puddle deepness.

On a daily basis radio host are but mere steps-away from openly advocating a return to 1959, yesteryear, to an America where some form of Apartheid rules the land – nonetheless Black athletes aren’t willing to address the millions of dollars being made by these racist . . . on their black backs, with their blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices.

This is where this fight should start . . . and stop.

Exactly “why” the NFL’s ownership is comfortable breaking bread with racist/sexist and highly elitist Robber-Barons – is an understandable and predictable “working relationship” – like heat in Death Valley.

However what’s disheartening, hell, heart-burning is the Afro-American players, as well as their organized labor union leadership – being oblivious and disinterested in addressing the issue of the player’s name, superior game and fame being used to underwrite a nation-wide “White backlash.”

Out Here in the Mile Hi City, Denver, the AM airwaves sound like a 1963 Philadelphia Mississippi town meeting, Everyday it’s “Annie n’ Arnold . . . get your gun – the illegal aliens from Planet Mexico are coming.”

There’s a belief Obama’s actually instituting re-partitions under the darkness of night. The health care reforms . . . little more then but another way to have good, decent hard working White folks pay for Black hookers, hoodlums, hoes and Welfare Queen’s sexual recklessness.

Everyday you can read between the lines . . . the President’s mother was a nigger loving whore stricken with Mandingo Fever and . . . Everyday you can join “discussions” concerning alleged pictures being all over the Internet of the President’s deceased mother having posed naked as a young women.

AM talk radio has crafted a climate of total disrespect for Americans-of-color. Rush and the boys have shovel-fed the fires of fear, resentment, contempt and potential violence, they’re pushing underground titanium enforced bunkers, guns and gold because the end is near,

And please note; the industry itself has done this in a deliberate manner, the hate has not heated-up by happenstance nor coincidence, but by strategic design. As I dip my Bic to pen this piece the Presidents addressing the nation/world, yet in Denver you can’t find him live on the radio dial.

Highly profitable AM hate radio is partially made possible via their ability to connect themselves to America’s national past-times, where they can share the stage and spotlight with popular, powerful and attractive sports entities.

I keep thinking, at some point, a guy like Brian Dawkins, the Bronco’s player Representative will listen to 850 KOA, the official voice of the Denver Broncos, for a moment and understand that their hate-talk radio lineup is based upon and boosted by the Bronco’s popularity and stature in the city/state/region.

I keep thinking the University of Colorado student body President will sooner or later decide the conflict of interest in having Rush Limbaugh as a visible business partner of CU conflicts with their institution of higher learning, it’s good name and image – so closely connected to a noted racist/sexist and elitist hate monger as Rush.

And here in Denver, Clear Channel owns not merely850 KOA, home of the Broncos, Rockies, Rush and an assortment of angry White men like Mike Brown, the infamous former director of FEMA – who, aint this a bitch . . . looked the other way as The Big Easy was cleansed of its born-dirty unwashed masses during the horrific Katrina catastrophe.

But CC also owns 630 KHOW, where their No. 1 rated morning show is an endless loop of asking if President Obama’s mother was little more then a dumb-ass pinko commie Nigger/Chink lovin’ whore . . . . and I’m not being dramatic here.

The show’s embraced the noted sheet-less Klansman, Tom Tancredo – who made a serious run for the Governor’s mansion by advocating the Good Ol Boy Gestapo go door-to-door dragging old Mexican grandmothers and little four-year old Chiquitas out of bed and onto Greyhound buses headed South.

Don’t, I repeat do-not take my painted n’ tainted bias word – listen for yourself.

This bending over of full grown men, it’s insulting the players of all three professions, At some point, disinterested liberals, so called “Progressives” and meat-headed jocks have got to realize their own arrogance/ignorance of the media, to overlook and dismiss talk radio, ignoring the white-sheeted elephant in the center of the room. has left the Left – outside, looking in.

One would think, in an perfect America, Athletes, of all colors and creeds, but specifically Black athletes should exercise their power, clout and fame . . . raise hell about their hard work benefiting folks who want to put Americans-of-color back in the back-seats their parents assigned us to not yet even 50 years ago in an separate and graphically unequal USA.