Straight No Chaser: Silent Majority

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 5, 2011

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DENVER (BASN) — Big Ben Rothlisberger’s penis has gotten him in the midst of yet another controversy.

Yep, another one of those Hummer chasing, gold-digging tramps has come forward, this time the case is in front of the Nevada Supremes. The wench’s claim – Big Ben’s little Ben raped her. But let’s keep rolling.

there’s much to talk about.

The Flagship enterprise of the NFL, the New England Patriots, i.e., Kraft, Belichick and . . . Tom-Cat Brady are being sued in court for . .

. cheating, and I’d submit this is provable – the NFL did fine Belichick an half-million dollars.

Nevertheless, hard cold facts may be meaningless considering Tom Brady’s being hailed as the NFL’s MVP, a a family values family man. Brady’s no better then the average Fred or Barney – he’s fathered a kid out of wedlock . . . and moved on . . to another wife n’ kid.

I understand life happens, but conservative “Real Americans” brand men for doing the same; so why is Brady not scared, damaged beyond the ability to be a corporate poster-boy? Why has his All-American status not been questioned, his Opie Taylor card yanked?

However many might consider Brett Favre the most egregious example of White guy privileged; fined and patted on the hand for sending pictures of “little Brett” to one of Hugh Hefner’s former hoes.

No. 4’s now being targeted and outed by a couple more ladies; former Big Apple Bomber’s massage therapist – who claim he came on to both of them . . . this will drag in the Jets, the NFL . . . pull up a chair, lite a fire, bake a cake – this is going to be good.

Somehow these, can I dare say character flaws displayed by these men have been minimized and slighted, rationalized might you say by the established mainstream sports press.

Now dig, this is where the hypocrisy sits; this is the same group of professional journalist who ride through rain, slit, snow, sand-storms and lava-pits in an integrity driven search for the truth when it comes to imperfect players of the darker persuasion.

Vick, Plaxico, Bonds, Kobe . . . those journalistic truth-seekers knew no boundaries, however when it comes to certain folks . . . these Irish Retrievers are more like Irish Setters who won’t leave the porch . .


They’re reluctance to be the eyes n’ ears of you n’ I is based upon the unspoken but highly abided-by rule – the hear no evil, see no evil, speak nor pen any evil creed when it comes to certain, can we say “hand picked” representatives, symbols . . . icons of the game.

So much so is this calculated silence that you’ve Ebony writers like myself, my co-hearts here at Black Athlete Sports Network (BASN) who feel obligated to the truth and rightfully held accountable to those who came before us . . . to tell it like it really is.

If we don’t . . . who will?

Don’t count on the boys over at USA Today, ESPN, Yahoo, MSNBC or AOL to present the observations of any Black writers who can’t package their observations within a certain L7 box, remain within a particular perimeter.

And don’t even look to the next tier, Bleachersrreport to offer, a pure, unfiltered, uncut stream of “Black Thought.” They too are “in” on the “fix”.

White America simply cannot accept, deal with nor tolerate a Black person offering their observations on . . . anything. Why do you think the hand picked opposition on FOX News is a some blond dingbat or an aging Hippie they can punk?

As a Black man . . . with all that classification embodies, I refuse to uphold nor further the half-truths and myths American sports proport the White Alpha male to be – the damn-near flawless leader of all.

These 3 different sports stories contradict the company-line White America wishes to portray to the world; White alpha-males – principled barbarians on a field stocked with savages. Gentlemen gladiators who’re the rare combo of brains, muscles and heart.

Who apparently lie, cheat and steal . . . just like everybody else. The only thing separating this insulated and isolated protected group from having the truth told – a 400 year-old monopoly on power; the inordinate ability to amplify . . . and silence any voice they disagree with.

It’s starting to look like Brett may have an history of sleeping around . . . behind his Cancer stricken wife! why is Wrangler still letting Brett walk around in their pants?

Let me go out on the edge of the Grand Canyon here . . . those Rednecks don’t give a coon’s tail if he’s a playboy. Just like they don’t care that Ben Rothlisberger is a rapist, or George W, Dick Cheney and Rush were draft dodgers.

Instead the WASP fraternity leaps into damage control . . .

fabricating a legend, making a man into an iron clad myth. Clearly Brett Favre is no different then Tiger woods, both men are collections of contradictions, doing good . . . and doing dumbass stuff.

There’s an significant slice of insecure White males who can’t come around to that.

The NFL has hidden the truth, sports writers, i.e., White word-smiths have hidden, delayed the truth – in order to protect . . . one of theirs.

Keep Brett/Roger/Lance/Bird/Montana . . . nice, soft, clean and White. Recall the joke was: “Well if you ever questioned or doubted Tiger Wood’s race . . . ? After the snow-flakes starting droppin’ from the sky . . . you were suppose to know his was Black.

Only a Black man, with our unquenchable thirst and animal-like lust for sex would bed all those bimbos, disgrace our wife/ho and irreversibly injure their own children . . . White men like to pretend and present themselves as being above mortal short-comings, and condemning all the rest of us who have them.

Sorry, it’s that tribal here in America.

And please, don’t blame me for playing the race card, hell, blame White America – they’re the ones who ingrained the “Skin Game” into the fabric of the Americas.

Almost a half a millennium of WASP/Euro conquest and oppression . . . and now after a quarter century of, dig this . .

. equality, the Vanilla people are all twisted inside-out because of the realization – without cheating they can’t manipulate the game of life – they won’t always be the best, set the tone, run the show, nor come out untouched and on-top . . . not unless they’ve rigged the game.

Yes, this American icon . the Mississippi Kid, son of real Redneck, out there giving them Niggers hell, ain’t that what Brett Favre’s legacy is founded on, his accomplishments truly about?

Isn’t that why his image had to be protected and coddled because of White America’s yearning for a Great White Hope to sell to the people, an hero to sell pants and cars to the unwashed masses who just want to cheer for a dude who looks like them.

Once again, i’m sorry, but it’s that tribal here in America.