Straight No Chaser: Showing their fangs

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 19, 2011

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DENVER (BASN) — The NFL is turning out the lights on the 2010 season, and in an assortment of ways its not on the hi-note many were hoping for.

No one’s “manning” Peyton’s Place in Indy – it’s all boarded up for the winter. Belicheck’s inglorious cheating bastards have been sent packing back to Bean-Town, the long-shot Seahawks got blown out of the Chi-Town sky and the “red hot Brees” which blew in from the Big Easy has been extinguished . . . .

Instead you’ve got an illegal alien from Plant Mexico leading The Big Apple’s flying hi-Jets, along with a Fat Man who likes suckin’ on BBQ Ribs and toes.

You’ve got a Black man whose momma n’ daddy named him, dig this “Lovie,” who damn-near speaks in a whisper, heading-up the Monsters of the Midway and another Black cat, when not giving the Kenyan born traitorous bastard in the White House a Steeler’s jersey – is coaching the “Teflon Man” Ben Roethelisberger a big-ass signal caller . . . who appears to be a rapist in the off-season.

I once knew a women named Lovie . . . .

Obviously this changes some of the predictable Wall Street marketing plans waiting to be implemented, it’s a lot easier to sell little red pick-ups to Rednecks if you’ve got a Redneck pick-up artist pushing them, as opposed to a possible brown skinned . . . alien.

Did I mention the the Steel Town’s legendary owner, Mr Rooney is a “Nigger Lover” . . . according to Rush Limbaugh, so much so the bi-racial bastard who’s in the Black House appointed him to an Ambassadorship in the evil Black empire – all of which does not endear the Steelers to “Real Americans,” of the Tea Bagger variety.

And on the flip-side, representing all that is pure n’ sacred the Green Bay Packers, Heartland-America’s true team. Never forget the frozen tundra is owned by the little people of Green Bay the un-bathed masses – the town’s still White, the coach is a over-sized Irish Leprechaun and the QB is an athletic Great White Hope stepping right into the last Great White Hope’s cleats.

Ryan verses Mike McCarthy is the most desired match-up, two “traditional, ole fashion” head coaches, and once more just for impact, a Great White Hope in Aaron Rodgers vs the Golden Boy of the Gridiron . . . Senior Sanchez.

You don’t think the sports-bars from San Antoine to East LA won’t be backing “their” matador. . . ? This is symbolic of the 21st century battle between Gringos and the New Americans.

The most stunning duel would be between Lovie and Tomlin.

There’s just no way, no way Lovie was suppose to guide this suspect defense and an offense without a legit threat at wide receiver; a kick returner catching bombs from a malcontent spoiled Harvest Queen male-debutant.

This was Lovie’s last year, patience had packed-up, gone.

And young Mike Tomlin . . . Tomlin’s first Super Bowl victory was a fluke, right? Here, permit me to word it how it’s worded behind the closed doors of Tea-Bagger’s homes across the nation; ‘damn, Nigger’s ain’t suppose to be that smart . . .”

No, Tomlin, according to what, about half the country should not have been able to somehow “improvise, adapt and overcome” losing his All-Pro/All-Star moronic QB, replace him with lesser, as in less-intelligent Black Quarterbacks – and somehow win, end-up playing for the conference title and a ticket-to-ride at Jerry’s Coliseum.

Please keep in mind – Black men aren’t suppose to have the mental capacity – the intelligence to somehow navigate nor manipulate . . . and surely not dictate the events to the point they defeat, in head-to-head competition their Caucasian counter-parts, wise old coaches and gifted, brilliant “boy wonders” like Josh McDaniels – who are “given” coordinator and head coaching jobs as if they were born, made to coach.

No, two Black coaches going mano-a-mano; this is not the way the networks league advertisers nor a nation of Sports-fans planned it, it’s happened once already – but what’s the chances of Black men defying all odds, all the conventional wisdom and it happening again, so soon?

But they’ll make the most (billions) of it they can. If it is Smith against Tomlin – you bet your bottom buck the whole super affair will be reduced down to 12 inch “Big Ben” against the misunderstood gunslinger Jay Cutler. It won’t be a battle of wits and gridiron strategy, but instead these two dueling Great White Hopes.

I can’t say “Great White Hopes” enough . . . because the term is central, key to understanding America.

Something to ponder; a lot of folks in high n’ lofty positions relaxed, took a deep breath and counted their blessings, because Mike Vick was taken out of the “Disney-world Sweepstakes.”

Had Vick and the Eagles been able to soar a little deeper into the playoffs, that would have become an interesting tall-tale . . . Advertising fat-cats would’ve had to determine how they could package, Vick to a nation which despised him not so much because of the crime of dog fighting – this nation of leather jacket, meat-eating neanderthal hunters could and would have forgave Favre if he was fightin’ dogs, roosters, pigeons . . . women, you name it – but sent Vick to the hangman because he was a, for lack of a more accurate term, a “uppity Nigger.”

Was Mike Vick going to Walt Disney’s house if he were the MVP of the Superbowl. . . but alas, fate took a turn, and Vick was done, the dilemma ended.

You know, you can never plan how the season’s going to pan-out, but you believe me, there are those who do hope n’ pray that certain players rise, and fall.

The NFL’s marketing nightmare, the nation’s nightmare; within a decade you have two Black head coaches . . . and two Black Signal Callers lining-up against each other in a Super Bowl . . . that would be as exciting and interesting as a Black man being elected President.

I’d suggest some of the lowest viewing numbers ever – because you’d have a whole slice of the American pie attempting to make a resounding statement about the rejection of the darkening of not just this country’s national past-times, but the very nation itself becoming too Black and Brown.