Straight No Chaser: American Idiot??

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 20, 2011

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DENVER (BASN) — How do you stop three Black men from raping a White gal? Give them a basketball. Ron Artest is the embodiment of such ignorance.

If you haven’t dug this, go dig this; (WATCH THIS CLIP)

In a time and place where Americans-of-color don’t have the luxury of being intellectually bankrupt, Ron’s latest display of his seemingly endless ignorance – his inability to string together anything close to an intelligent, informed observation related to the Lakers “performing”/working on Dr. King’s national holiday . . .

is, at the very least, disturbing.

It comes at a time when in Spoken Washington, as in the Liberal enlightened Northwest a backpack stuffed full of explosives was found just 30 minutes before the start of the MLK parade – it was strategically placed along the parade route to kill as many MLK supporters as possible.

As this story has unfolded – I came to understand how striking Artest’s reaction to this simple question really was, how his inability to get beyond rattling off a few ………. names spoke World Book encyclopedia columns about the distinct possibility of US history repeating itself because so few have even a 9th graders command of the kindergarten level facts.

Now before I drag this imbecile through the mud, I realize he has self-admitted mental issues, and credits his headshrinker with advancing him to . . . this point, where he becomes a poster boy for White supremacist all across the land: another dumb ass Nigger who doesn’t even know who his Messiah is.

Ron’s inability to offer anything substantial about playing on King’s birthday underscores Ronald Ray-Guns and Dick Cheney’s rejections of King’s importance and stature.

Ask yourself how this idiot could come out of New York, New York, so nice they named it twice . . . and his family, community, schools, churches, uncles n’ aunts – all obviously faid to educate, to enlighten Ron on the very basics of “who his people are” who has lead them where, and for what reasons.

Ron appears to have Ricky Bobby’s or Gomer Pyle’s sense of American History.

But back to the irony in this; It’s not just this rock-head’s delusional confusion, but rather at the same moment in time Artest is offering his thoughts up to a reporter, the Spokane police were disarming what was discovered to be a sophisticated killing machine, packed full of shrapnel.

Does Ron Artest, and Ron’s peers, his partners, boys understand what this event is the precursor of?

It’s about to get funky up-here in these so-called United States of America; classify the funk as “domestic Terrorism,” i.e., Half-mad White people attacking innocent Americans-of-color, targeting Liberal/commie/pinko/socialist/Marxist/homo Nigger lovers.

The bus-stops, businesses, parking lots, schools, churches,and malls . . .

won’t be safe. The South has risen . . . in the hearts and minds of Rednecks, from Alaska to Nebraska, Fargo to Key Largo, Ol Dixie plays on, and on in their souls.

Here’s the tragedy in this; Artist attended college, he was deemed, what . . .

yes, an student-scholar . . . what a joke. One might think a man of Ron’s age and generation would have something constructive to add to the conversation about who and what Dr King would was – when asked, as opposed to some rumblin’, stumblin’, tumblin’, fumblin’ and bumblin’ mush-mouthed tongue twister.

I’m on my 4th or 5th tour of public education, over a decade on the Mile-Hi front-lines and I can tell you with all sincerity and confidence – Ron Artest is not as bright as some of our mediocre, middle-of-the-road 8th graders.

And I’m going to argue, right here n’ now – this buffoon does not have the academic/intellectual skills of a 8th grader, that he most likely never academically strove for success beyond grade school because he was identified as a Mandingo Gladiator, the boy had “potential.” (get a visual of Richard Pryor or the sheriff in “In the Heat of the Night”)

One more time, just for effect; And I’m going to argue, right here n’ now this clown doesn’t have the academic/intellectual skills of a 8th grader, that he most likley never academically strive for success beyond grade school. Why repeat this observation?

Because Ron’s limited perspective is one shared by, hang-on . . . millions of African Americans – we, as a people, reflect not only Institutional Racism which has undermined the accumulation of material goods and knowledge since the end of formal widespread racism, or the Jim Crow era, the Black Codes era, the decades of life in a separate and unequal America, and the obvious dehumanization endured over the centuries of slavery . . . but we also reflect the recent decades of self-destruction; fatherless homes, babies having babies having babies.

Yes, our own internal undervaluation of a formal education – the ghetto-razation, thug-razation and ultimately the Nigger-razation of our proud Afro-American culture – a way-of-life, which helped us against unspeakable odds – to not merely survive, but thrive to a certain limited extent.

A mindset and mentality which got Black folks through an absolute, undeniable hell – is yes, being scrapped and exchanged for some new Ghetto-fabulous “gangsta'” get rich or die tryin’ lifestyle and a life ain’t nuttin but bitches n’ money value system .

Ain’t that a mother for ya? Fredrick Douglass, DuBois, Mary McLeod, Martin and Malcolm . . . they must be doing cartwheels in their graves at the site of our regression.

One man in the White House . . . millions of Black men and women – but one paycheck away from homelessness. Our worth, our value, assets and knowledge – as a people stagnant, if not backsliding as a people.

And now the irate Tea Baggers appear but one incident away from blowing up churches, killing little Black girls – in order to take back their country, and Ron Artest, millionaire role-model isn’t really sure of the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King.

“Houston, this is Blackstone 7 . .

. we’ve got trouble.”