Packers vs. Bears: One Mo’ Time

By Troy A. Sparks, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 17, 2011

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MILWAUKEE (BASN) — After the Green Bay Packers killed two birds with one stone (Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons), they’re hunting for some bear meat.

Realistically, according to some media experts, it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. The NFC Championship Game on Sunday will come down to a dogfight between two fierce division rivals.

When the Chicago Bears — who last hosted a championship game in 2007 — step on Soldier Field this Sunday, they will be met by those hungry pack of dogs from the north.

These two teams will meet for the 182nd time. Chicago beat Green Bay 92 times and lost 83 of their matches. Six of their games ended in a tie.

The Packers have more success in the postseason than the Bears. The Green and Goldare making their 44th appearance in a playoff game and are 27-16 in the postseason entering the Sunday’s game.

In 33 previous playoff games, the Bears are 17-16 and will make their 34th appearance in the postseason. In championship games, both teams are 2-2.

Green Bay won three Super Bowls and lost one. Chicago won one of their two Super Bowls. If you’re not a Packer or Bear fan, you have no idea what this game means. It’s not just another division rivalry.

This is for the trip to the Super Bowl.

I will be part of the huge media delegation at Soldier Field. I’m sure that the atmosphere will be crazy. Legions of Navy and Orange and Green and Gold fans will litter the streets of downtown Chicago.

Traffic will be jammed on both sides of Interstate 94 around the Chicago loop. I think I better leave early Saturday night.

It’s not the Papa Bear and Curly show anymore; it’s the black guy against the Irish guy on opposite sidelines. Each coach has assistant coaches that have been head coaches.

Two of the coaches on Chicago’s staff know the NFC North Division well. Rod Martineli, the ex- Detroit Lions coach, and Mike Tice, who coached the Minnesota Vikings, know the Packers inside-out.

On the other hand, Green Bay has the best defensive coordinator in the league in Dom Capers, who also was a head coach.

He turned the dogs loose on Michael Vick and Matt Ryan. I think the comments from Atlanta fullback Ovie Mughelli was bulletin board material for the Packers’ defense.

Many people said that Green Bay was the most dangerous team in the playoffs. With their backs against the wall in Week 14 and an 8-6 record, the team had to win their final two games to make the postseason.

Their games against the New York Giants and the Bears were playoff-type games. This isn’t a magical carpet ride for the Packers. They were picked in the preseason to make the Super Bowl.

It was a journey to the Super Bowl that took a different route. With injuries to their key players, there were doubts about whether the team would make the playoffs.

They snuck into the postseason through the backdoor. From now until kickoff Sunday, there will be Packers-Bears talk, around the clock, 24-7. We love this kind of excitement.

Commissioner Roger Goodell loves it. Fox Sports love it. Their No. 1 announcing crew loves it. The city of Chicago loves it because they’ll rake in millions of dollars from the game the entire weekend.

I can’t wait til game time.