Manfredo Jr. keeps his career going

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 15, 2011

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Friday night on ESPN, Peter Manfredo, Jr. remained one of boxing’s more popular fighters as he prepared to fight Daniel Edouard, in a critical bout that would determine if either he or Edouard had a future.

Edouard made it clear that without a victory over Manfredro, his career was over and he needed a victory to gain some big money fights to deal with financial problems due to the financial crisis.

After his appearance on the The Contender Series, Manfredo along with Sergio Mora became a big star and he was fighting in big arenas that sold out 10 to 15,000 whereas before The Contender Series, he fought in much smaller venues.

He became a superstar and this lead to a championship bout with Joe Calzaghe which netted him half of million dollars. (And a quick knock out lost in the process.) This money funded Manfredo attempt to set up life after boxing as he bought real estate interest but the 2008 crash ensured the collapse of this dream.

As Manfredo stepped into the ring, he had to fight to simply break the cycle of bankruptcy that engulfed him. He needed a victory over Edouard simply to keep his career going and with his popularity and a move down to the Middleweight division; he knew that a victory could lead to bigger fights.

Edouard, like Manfredo, reached a critical juncture at his career and Ted Atlas noted that while he had 14 less fights than Manfredo, he appeared to have less left as he has fought in some tough wars.

Edouard began the fight using his legs to gain the upper hands over the first three rounds. He pot shot Manfredo and in the third round, even the pressed the action. The bout changed with just one punch in the fourth round.

In a round that Edouard pressed the action for the first half of the round, Manfredo was given one opportunity to change the bout around. Edouard took one step back half way through the round with his hands down and Manfredo nailed Edouard with one shot, a short right hand.

He went down and from that point, Edourad was not the same fighter.

In the round, Edouard retreated to the rope and this allowed Manfredo nailed Edouard with a nasty left hook and from this point, he took control. In the fifth round, Manfredo started the round quick.

He forced Edouard to the rope and at the minute mark, a sharp left hook nailed Edouard. Edouard then launched his own offensive blitz to make the round close until the last thirty seconds when Manfredo’s power punctuated the round.

Through the sixth and seventh round, Manfredo continued to force Edouard to the rope whereas Edouard leg appeared to give out. The Haitian fighter no longer had the ability to move away from his pursuer, and the fight turn into an action inside fight which benefited Manfredo.

Edourad attempted one last gasp effort in the ninth round and Manfredo found himself unable to counter the onrushing Edouard or could he successfully end the fight with the right shot even though he had nothing left

In the final round, Manfredo wanted to land one more shot to end the fight for he knew his opponent had a swollen right eye along with nothing much left in his leg to maneuver out of harms way.

Manfredo knew that Edouard would be in front of him and landed a few solid shots but not enough to stop him. Manfredo won his fight and moved on with his career.

With debts to pay, Manfredo allowed his career to continue but the real question is the desire behind the effort. In an interview before the fight, Manfredo’s father commented on how long his son career can continued as he observed that boxing was a young man sport and he had now reached 30.

Manfredo fights now to re-establish his financial balance and future after boxing. Whether this will be enough to keep his career going is another question.