Straight No Chaser: White Chocolate

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 2, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — I was listening to Mike n’ Mike in the morning, ESPN’s drive time TV/radio show, hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, they both commented on how boring they found the NFL’s Monday Night slugfest betwixt the San Fransisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals . . .

That’s just the opposite of what I thought. Maybe a sports-fan’s interest levels are determined by an number of factors – including the skin color of a player or coach.

Personally, I’m rooting for Mike Singletary because I understand the history of the league and the history of the nation.

Considering Black men have all but officially been excluded from being head coaches in a league Afro-American gladiators predominate and dominate.

I’m also rooting for Troy Smith, yet another Black Quarterback who’s striving to achieve and excel at the field general slot . . . against all odds, against obstacles,against the prevailing hurdles and limiting expectations imposed by the White male sports establishment.

I can only assume, knowing what assuming does . . . that neither Mike nor Mike were looking at the game through my eyes, in my shoes . . . and that’s apart of the Goddamn point.

When will millions of Black sports fans ever hear Black people on the airwaves, in prime time offering a constant stream of thought and observations?

I like listening to these guys, I catch them on a regular basis – I’ve no bone-to-pick with these cats. Its simply interesting and telling that in the male soap-opera which is sports, which is what the NFL is – I guess they’re not specifically interested in the plight of “the Black NFL Coach nor “the Black NFL Quarterback Saga.”

Perhaps, like most of America’s White sports fan – they don’t really see the situation the way millions upon millions of Black sports fans do.

I want Singletary to do well, I want Troy Smith to excel and do well. Why?

Because I relate to and am sympathetic to their plight – the same way White guys are today cheering for Peyton Hillis – a White tailback in the NFL – such a species is rare, an endangered damn near extinct creature – so here in Denver, the sports talkers have admitted Hillis is a “icon” a hero” . . . and the question is . . . a hero in who’s eyes? And why?

Why is Hillis a “icon” – I want a White dude to “explain” that please. Hillis, like Toby Gerhardt in Minnesota, and Danny Woodhead in New England are all Great White Hopes. Gladiators that White guys want to see do what?

Regain some of that Galloping Ghost,Golden Boy glitter which White guys have been unable to do since Pittsburgh Steeler Merrill Hoge, the one of the last White man to run for a 1,000 yards in the NFL, and actually do it with some style and flair. 1962 Title Town’s Jim Taylor who lead the league in rushing with 1,474 yards. He is the last Caucasian player to lead the league.

This is a tender sticking point with White dudes, deep down inside it aggravates million’s of gridiron fans that a white impala . . . is an endangered spices.

Now note; the issue of a Black man not having the intellectual, the mental capabilities to lead an NFL offense, to dissect an NFL defense, to grasp the complexities of an say . . . Andy Reid offense, like Donovan McNabb and Now Mike Vick have done, is a slight, an insult, directly tied to the Angry White male/Republican Tea Party depiction of Black and Brown people on a whole within society – and clearly a sticking point with Black folks.

But dig this; Nobodies stopping, forbidding nor denying White guys the opportunity to “excel” at the running back position in the NFL, or for that matter, Division 1-A NCAA football . . .

Apparently there are but the few, the midget’s handful we see every couple of years – who fail to achieve the “1000 yard club” membership card – simply because they can’t.

The Black Quarterback situation is, by most observers observations, a whole hell of a different tale. The Redneck element which is prominent in the NFL has made no qualms about Blacks alleged inability to “master” the position.

The Bleacher-report and other sports media publications of today – are littered with the thoughts of cats who call themselves “writers” who’ve conclude the “experiment” is falling – no Black QB’s have one the Super Bowl since Doug Williams, and they slight his victory as well. This means we’re not capable . . . as a species.

Aint that a bitch!

The history of strategically excluding Blacks from the game, and specifically head coaching and the QB position is a well documented one today’s White sportsfan conveniently forgets.

From Washington Redskins former owner George Preston Marshall . . . who “twisted the arms” of his fellow NFL team owners to impose an unofficial ban on black players – it was enforced and abide-by for 13 years.

Marshall opposed integration; from his lips – “I’ll hire a black player when the Harlem Globetrotters add a white.”

The Redskins end up being the last NFL team to integrate – in 1962 . . . the NFL has attempted to control the pure numbers, the impact and influence of the Black player.

Willie Thrower, Bernie Curtis, Marlin Briscoe, James Harris, Joe Jefferson Street Gilliam and Doug Williams pioneers, Black Quarterbacks in the NFL, who if you ask them, ask the guys who played with them , and ask the writers who covered them – they’d all tell you about the racism, both overt and diabolical, these men encountered – one today’s White sportsfan and writer conveniently forgets.

Hillis is no hero, he’s not battling anything but his own limitations, no Black man is slighting and questioning his every move or denying, undermining his growth and success, the same can’t be said for today’s Black QB. The nay-sayers, the haters are everywhere.

All the man-luv and bromance for Hillis and the other golden boys is centred around feelings of inferiority and an obvious inability to compete then anything else.