Straight No Chaser: Untouchable No. 4

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 14, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Hear ye”‘ hear ye’ hear ye’ . . . hear me.

Brett Favre’s being, without hesitation nor any qualifications . . . protected, coddled and cuddled by the NFL. The question here is . . . why?

Jenn Sterger, via her publicist Phil Reese has stated she’d drop the whole thing. “If the commissioner suspends Favre and puts a program in place to prevent it from happening again … 100 percent, Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against the NFL. Nothing. All she wants to do is clear her name.

That ain’t gonna happen – for a variety of excuses, or rather reasons.

Between the NFL in need of “Great White Hopes” to package and wrap the league around . . . and Wrangler Jeans needing a “rough n’ ready Redneck’ to package n’ wrap their pants around – Brett, displaying his penis for all the uncivilized world to behold . . . and another women besides his Cancer battling wife – is still no real reason to brand such an “iconic figure,” no reason to erase his potential marketing value to corporate America.

How many polls and surveys have indicated White America, not all but a significant segment, is a-OK, comfortable with hiring a White cat with a felony, who’s a high school drop-out . . . over a Black man with no police record and a Ph.D

Golly, gee what can’t I read into that?

Let’s be honest, since Brett’s who and what he is, “Iconic” – Brett’s peer group, White guys, could give a damn if Brett immortalizing his penis in cyberspace . . .is nothing more than a a glimpse, a mere “Kodak Moment” into his behind the scenes life.

The whole Hollywood myth could come a tumblin’ down if Favre’s been living a White Tiger lifestyle behind the scenes, with the blessings and blind-eyes of the sports press.

All those “high-standards,” morals and values these hypocritical bastards boast about beholding to – is BS. “Golden” rules, laws, p-l-e-a-s-e they’re for the “little people – Niggers, Spics, Chinks and cunts (the most endeared and used terms for “real” White men)

Hey, look, they don’t care if their boy Brett was addicted to drugs or firewater, he’s still the man, he’s still a White man, their man “placing, showing or winning’ in a game Black men have taken-over and today predominate and dominate. A game which deliberately excluded Blacks from participating.

So tossing into the mix Brett was trampling all-over his sacred marriage vows . . . is irrelevant to the NFL fan base, as well as sports writers and League Grand Pooh-Pahs.

Between the gridiron and Boxing, Black men have showed the world this fantasy of the Great Nordic Viking Superman – which was, and still is shoved down everyone’s throat – is nothing more then a fairy tale.

Since the playing field has been leveled – we’ve seen the rise of “Pro Wrestling” and Extreme Sports” – the only venues where White men can pull off that Super White man skit.

Now note; this see no evil, speak no evil about a White guy trying to make it, and especially make it in a a Black man’s world . . . is nothing new, nor limited to sports.

Ronald Ray-Gun was inserted into the Oval Office, escorted in by the “Moral Majority – Rednecks with a bible in their hand – despite his baggage: the affairs, a second marriage, he was once a Democrat and union member and so on.

The same applies for Big George Bush and Little Dick Cheney; both are sexist, elitist, racist, draft-dodging cowards – who were elected to the heights of political office . . . because they were ” representing” angry, paranoid, insecure, White dudes, White males willing to do just about anything under the sun – to maintain their fake, artificial, man-made monopoly on societal control, influence . . . alas power.

Brett’s place is too important – an good Ol’ country boy from the land of Dixie, an Alpha -Male who always showed up and with-stood the best them Black bastards had to give. That fact can never be diminished or taken away, so what if he’s a scoundrel and cheat .

Tom Brady is too, and who gives a damn?