Straight No Chaser: See Ya, Josh!!

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 7, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — White male privilege is all so-alive and doing well.

Josh McDaniels, the Bill Belichick wanna be, the son-of-a Ohio high school gridiron coaching Legend – his pops a Paul Bunyan type man amongst the Pig-skin people in that state . . .

This full grown chubby little man-cub has failed – in miserable, horrific fashion to restore the prance, pomp and circumstance to the blue n’ orange – and thus very appropriately so – the punk has been sent backing.

As I watch this catastrophe plagued Colorado Camelot burn to the frozen tundra . . . I gotta ask – is this kid’s Hobbit-short resume not the epitome of “White male privileged?”

And perhaps exactly why the NFL’s coaching ranks are solely lacking Black American head coaches. Punks of privilege, like Kyle Shanahan . . . being “given” choices, options and opportunities.

Of course the local and national White guy sports press will depict the rise and fall of Josh as something different then a clear cut case of a White cat being “given” the keys to the 1959 El Dorado . . . he couldn’t drive, his feet don’t touch the pedals.

Sure, Pat Bowlen was simply acknowledging and rewarding another blond-haired boy-wonder who’d almost single handedly created Tom Brady, Matt Casell, Super Bowl victories and MVPs, all by his lonesome . . . and a punk who was going around taking Dr. Frankenstein like credit for their success on the field – Bowlen merely wanted some of that Belichick White magic to rub off on the Denver Bronco’s franchise.

Instead of divisional playoff victories, the straight, no chaser truth was, is, remains – Josh boy wasn’t Girl Scout ready.

It’s stunning to most who’ve read McDaniel’s life story on Wikipedia or a number of other sports post – stunning I say, that this kid, with his lack of . . . every damn thing which must be relevant and meaningful to running a professional football operation was . . .

“given” everything that he was.

Recruited out of Canton McKinley High School, where he played for his ol’ man McDaniels attended John Carroll University, where he played football, primarily as a wide receiver, from 1995 to 1998. Though a quarterback in high school, he was beaten-out at that position. Can we conclude the “given” position of Signal Caller was not one he could keep?

After an non-notable college career, McDaniel’s began his coaching career as a senior graduate assistant at Michigan State University from 1999 to 2000 under Nick Saban, exploiting his dad’s friendship with Saban.

Can you say “given?”

McDaniels “joined” the Patriots in 2001 as a personnel assistant, and quickly expanded his role to include film breakdown and scouting preparation for the defensive coaching staff, where he went on to serve as a defensive assistant working with the defensive backs.

He later became a coaching assistant breaking-down and scouting chart preparations for the defensive staff. In 2003, he drew additional responsibilities working with the defensive backs, and after that, as they say the rest is history – he began serving as the Patriots’ quarterbacks coach in 2004 and was named offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach on January 20, 2006 and oversaw, coordinated, orchestrated the high powered Patriot offense.

Tom Brady and Matt Cassell did so well, Josh, thanks to Bowlen, becomes the NFL youngest head coach at that time. Compare and contrast McDaniel’s path with the man who stepped in to take his place. Who, not to mention . . . is Afro-American.

Studesville actually played college football at the U of Wisconsin. In 1991, he was a Grad assistant with Arizona University, with various stops along a two decade long journey – Kent State as a DB coach, with the Monsters of the Mid-Way as a Offensive Quality coach, with the G Man in New York, New York (so nice, they named it twice)

With the Bills in Buffalo and now in the Mile Hi City With the Jackasses – 20 years of learning the business of football from the ground up.

rising thru the ranks the ol’ fashion way – by earning it.

Tiki Barber came into his own while working with “Stud.”

Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, both eclipsed a grand rushing under the tutelage of Eric.

If Josh McDaniel’s had not began to drink his own Kool-Aid, believe he was the smartest dude in the laboratory, arrogantly dismantle a competitive squad – only so that he could put his personal “mastermind” brand on it.

If only he’d not cheated, and got caught .

. . again – Eric Studesville might never have , dig this “earned” a shot as an NFL head coach.

Eric’s dad didn’t know some of the “right” people, who knew some folks who knew a head coach . . . Is this really how it works in the NFL? It’s not what you know, but who ‘s ass you kiss.

Well, look no further than the long ignored Black Moore Lesly Frazier up North in Viking Land – this well credentialed man has been passed by like a bow-legged, buck-toothed 249 pound bald girl with diaper rash at the disco – nevertheless – the Purple People Eaters are getting their appetite back under his calm, steady, knowledgeable guidance – after 54 years as an assistant in this “color blind” league – Mr. Frazier knows what he’s doing.

Ain’t that a mother for you?

The issue surrounding Josh is not so much ‘how” he lost the job he was “given,” but rather . . . “why” was he, in particular “given the job?” And the point here is – are any of the other NFL plantation owners observing this punk crash n’ burn?

Has McDaniel’s mismanagement of the Broncos been well documented? Will the NFL owners admit every White Boy is not a potentially successful Negro whisperer who can win in the NFL.

Hey, dig this . . . McDaniels’ brother, Ben, who tutors the quarterbacks, will stay on for the final four games. His brother was “given” a job too.

Aim’t that a privileged bitch for you