Straight No Chaser: Rocky comes to life

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 27, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) –Tim Tebow can’t possibly grasp the enormous expectations riding, . . . mounted-upon his modern-day semi-mobile gladiator type shoulders.

Just visualize the coming Bronco head coaching interviews. “So Coach Dungy, are you a Tim Tebow Christian soldier for Christ?”

This kid’s an updated “Rocky” come to life, toting a pigskin covered bible around, n’ touting the “good word,” an authentic, genuine American image . . .

There’s no question his individual accomplishments will restore group status and lost power for angry white men who detest that a Mike Vick is in contention for NFL MVP or that a Josh Freemen will be a dominant player in the years to come.

There’s a distinct yearning for “America’s Game” to be “taken back.” That deep seeded hope is akin to what we here coming from “The Right” in this country.

They too want to “take back” their country from Black people, remove the influence and impact Black folks have had on American culture, and specifically from the 1950’s and on – ever since we were permitted to express ourselves without fear of overt, over the top White reprisal.

There’s a movement across the land to “put Black folks back in their place,” starting with Presidents, Quarterbacks, Head Coaches, Firemen, Teachers all the alpha male positions within mainstream US society.

There’s also a movement to put Mexicans back in Mexico . . . but that’s another piece.

Tebow’s destiny, the fate of an entire “Nordic tribe” . . . rest on his success against the ebony Mandigo savages in the the Mile- Hi coliseum. White sportsfans can say it ain’t so . . .but we know it really is.

And please, let’s not ignore the patronizing element which is center-piece with his followers – Teabow will bring morals, values and character to a league littered with Black . . . hearted heathens and barbarians.

Let’s not slight how pretentious this whole “breath of fresh air” crap is. Believe it baby. And the use of “tribe” is exact – the blind man-luv for Tim Tebow (TT) is a tribal thing baby.

Denver, Colorado, the entire Rocky Mountain region, hell. . . America, from Fargo to Key Largo is, let us say . .

“desirous” of a “kid like Tim” succeeding.

Keep in mind, the West is too “Redneck Land”, and Colorado is “Tea Party Country,” home of Tom Tancredo the racist who garnered tens-of-thousands of votes for Governor a few months ago – his brand of Real American hatred and intolerance did not fall upon death ears – he was the populist candidate.

Ain’t that a telling bitch?

Nonetheless . . . back onto the Teabow Bandwagon, actually back to the folk’s who built the bandwagon, the nutty religious fruitcake fanatics, i.e., the fundamentalist Christians – who’re praying this kid shows the nation that a “real” god-fearing, baby Jesus loving All-American Eagle Boy Scout – who doesn’t cuss, fuss, drink, do drugs, smoke, chew nor go-out with girls who do – can actually do more then just “show-up” on the gridiron.

But instead be a super-warrior for Christ, who can come on the pro pigskin scene and dominate, in an ol’ fashion way, like slingin’ Sammy or the Galloping Ghost did when America’s pastimes were segregated and Black men were forbidden from competing for the strongest or fastest titles.

Now note once Blacks were allowed to participate – we’ve rewritten the record books and redefined games and positions within those games . . . to the dismay of millions.

So much so, so much so that White folks have been written out of the story.

That takes us to the next group banking, betting on TT – Corporate America- which fully understands that millions upon millions of White consumers won’t “consume” if the product is somehow perceived as “too Black.”

This nation knew precisely that and openly discussed it in the 1970’s – integration was producing squads which were based on talent and abilities – instead of skin color.

Larry Bird saved the NBA – because White folks were already back then deciding “the game had changed,” lost it’s, dig this – “integrity.”

Baseball was loosing fans because it to was “too Black” while the NFL was rejecting college QB’s like Warren Moon . . . in an attempt to keep the Golden Boy position off-limits to Blacks – based, openly , admittedly on our collective lack of intelligence, leadership and character.

The type of integrity which Roger Clemens, Brett Favre and Michael Phillips display.

But back to the Tim Tebow Bandwagon; White women are hoping Tebow becomes a living legend, he’s an athlete their father’s and brother’s approve of.

The Broncos drafted TT in great part because he’s a “John Elway” clone, and the fanbase, the White female fanbase will gravitate towards this Great White Hope, who’s got the Pope’s blessing and millions in the bank.

White male sportsfans in general want this guy to show the world that a White guy can play this game with some athleticism, passion and heart a little Country n’ Western Bible thumpin’ flair, kinda’ like . . . like a Black man.

It’s more then just a “Bromance,” the average White guy’s beyond rooting for Tebow, who was long-ago anointed with Great White Hope status; he’s a “hard working” passionate Christian soldier/athlete playing Quarterback, a white chocolate version of Vince Young or Cam Newton . . . but not quite,. Think Elvis with the Lord’s Good Book as his personal play-book.

Not only Wall Street but Hollywood is licking their chops, because they know if this kid plays like his football followers think he can this nation’s Caucasian consumer base will go nuts . . .

And perhaps as significant – it will be “T Day” in the American cultural war, a monumental retaking of a rightful place as an “alpha male” in a “real man’s” game.

Tim Tebow represents . . . it’s just “what” he represents to “who” that troubles folks..