Straight No Chaser: Insecurity Blankets

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 22, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — It’s more then entertaining or interesting . . . it’s down-right telling , explanatory how Hockey, an traditional “ol’ school” All-American/Canadian pastime . . . which has been spared by “diversity,” not yet tarnished nor infected by integration . . . polluted if you will by the predominance of Black players

However, the fans of this Nordic sport are welcoming a blue-eyed Swedish soul-slinger of the black puck like Linus Omark, a cool cat with color and flair, so much so his game is already being tagged “too much” and a “slap in the face” of the opposition.

What caught my eye? The hypocrisy wrapped-up in embracing the dashing Edmonton Oiler Omark while detesting the Black athlete with the same zeal, individuality and showmanship.

The “adoption” of Linus is taking place while the NFL is restraining, rejecting, even punishing Black players; take the Philadelphia Eagles Deshawn Jackson who’s pausing and falling into the end-zone stray away from the anal/Puritan/pilgrim like culture of American White folks, people who’ve a history of liking to see Black-faced Black people perform . . . but they don’t want any of the Mandingo gladiators to take it too far, too far in the eyes of . . . White America.

I pound-out this column with the blessing of BASN a couple of times a week, and it pops up here n’ there, from Maine to Spain Alaska to Nebraska, the 4 corners of the globe . . . please note – its no secret
I’m viewed in a number of these corners as a racist, a Black cat with a Latino name who despises White America, blames all my personal shortcomings on “da White man” and and all the failures of my people as well. Yes, the vast array of ills and woes which plague my inferior race . . . I mistakenly believe rest on the shoulder of white people.
The assumption is I happily play the race card on a hourly basis.
I don’t know where you sit on any of this, but let me tell you where I stand; race, racism is such a primary, pivotal, unethical element encased within the character of the United States Of America that it’s presence can be seen in almost every single slice of American life; sports, education, politics, housing, sex, economics, entertainment. the military, this nation’s foreign and domestic affairs – go down the list and you’ll find the ‘entrenched establishment”
And America’s “mainstream” weigh, measure and pound, size-up and estimate a person’s worth, their actual “value,” and if their word is worth their weight in salt . . . based in-part on skin-color, ethnicity, if someone’s an . . . illegal alien,
This attitude has produced the current movement to “take back America.” Take it back from who – people-of-color?
Real American Redneck racism, what appears to be an innate, inherent dislike, a hatred of people-of-color, is well documented in the annals of US history, it is undeniable. and it runneth-over into sports.
So much so that White sports fans applaud White showmanship; the Detroit Lion’s QB Doug Stanton does his hip rendition of the “Dougy Fresh” or a Linus Omark pulls off a spin-move straight out of the Pistol Pete Maravich White Harlem Globetrotters handbook and the crowd goes wild . . . yet let a Black man cross some little White line and he’s “hot doggin, showboating . . . .”
The “conservative” portion of this nation is constantly attempting to keep the Black athlete reined in, within what you might term white reason.
You’ve got to wonder, is it because White men, straight out of Mayberry RFD WASP culture – desperately lack flair, style and soul, and since they understand their “showtime” antics – make it look like a dual between American Bandstand and Soul Train.
Visually, there’s simply no comparison, therefore White men, and the good ol boy culture they ride rough-shot over – do all they can do to limit, contain and control Black men from “getting out of hand” as if, now dig this, as if – they’re somehow the divinely anointed one who has the authority to determine “what” is acceptable and “what” isn’t acceptable.
Is that not how we got Elvis, Pat Boone, Donny Osmond, Vanilla Ice , Brittany and Bristol Palin shoved down societies proverbial throat . . . some lesser talent being “given” undue accolades based on racial insecurities?
Linus is the real deal, he’s got both the touch . . . and the nerve, he’ll bring color to a sport which needs it. His “white magic” game is acceptable to almost all but the most tight-assed of WASP Hockey fans.
Now, it’s a good thing Omark’s not Black, because if he were Black and pulled that spin move – it would be an unacceptable, classless ghetto move – the beginning of the end of the integrity of the game.