Straight No Chaser: Differing Perspectives

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 15, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Polarizing; a term eternally connected to certain individuals who walk through American history; from Columbus, General George Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, the Pilgrims, Malcolm X, and Huey P. and Nixon to Ronald Reagen and O.J., Obama . . . . and now today it’s Michael Vick.

Take for instance Crazy Horse; He’s one man’s freedom fighter, matter-of-factly, he is this man’s conception of a hero, while for most Republican Tea Party members across America . . . he’s a terrorist.

Or, from my vantage-point MLK is an American Hero, but for Conservative icon Ronald “666” Ray-Gun, and still today Rand Paul, Dick Cheney and a vast array of contemporary segregationist – regard King as a Black-commie-pinko-bastard.

Vick, the NFL Field General for whom most of the US empire was said to be phenomenally pissed-off at . . . beyond belief – has nevertheless, somehow managed to with-stand the lynching America subjected him to, and today like an ebony Phoenix, Vick has risen to the occasion, got his life back together . . . much to the displeasure of millions.

Vick’s quickly becoming, if he wasn’t already, yet another American Litmus test.

When you weigh-in on the Vick Affair, your perception, how n’ what you weigh, measure and summarize Vick as – determines, in all practicality who and what you are.

If you support Vick, I’d suggest you tend to be a tad open-minded. You believe, to some extent, if a man did the time . . . for killing, no, not another man, but dogs – and in return relinquish his fame n’ fortune . . . because the court of White public opinion demanded it – then he’s earned a second opportunity.

And if you refuse to acknowledge and accept the puppy killer ever deserves a second chance . . . then we pretty much know who and what you are. Some knuckle-dragging neanderthal cocktail containing vengeance, arrogance, anger, hostility and perhaps racism, sexism

Inquiring if Vick’s paid his dues, if he deserves another opportunity – it’s akin to asking if “Custer . . . the Indian Fighter” was a hero?

If you consider Custer’s actions, the war of aggression waged for land and resources as acts of courage . . . instead of what they really were; European-Americans stealing, confiscating, and making fraudulent land deals and bogus treaties in an systematic effort to annihilate the indigenous tribes . . . well then, we too know where you’re coming from on this one.

Columbus . . . the discover of a new primitive world . . . primitive, really. Or the barbaric pirate who initiated the genocide of the Red man, in both American hemispheres as well as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Huey P Newton, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis – Black Panthers, considered freedom Fighters in history books around the world . . . but not as far as White America is concerned; they were radical, treasonous, uppity niggers who refused to accept their assigned inferior lot in life.

The classic/contemporary Litmus test question; Was Simpson framed by Darryl Gate’s LAPD? Or, a double-decapitator who savagely murdered two innocent people . . . White people.

Let us not pretend their race was irrelevant, please, just as was Simpsons. Had that been Frank Gifford or Paul Hornung . . . .

Nevertheless, OJ was set-free by an bias coal-Black jury . . . of his peers, and then convicted, in a lesser court, by an damn near lily-White suburban jury not of his peers; You tell me my Tea-bagger friends which verdict you consider legit and respect?

That whole twisted scene remains a racially polarizing topic in a racially polarized nation. White folks chuckle when I ask, “wasn’t he found not-guilty, in a higher, criminal court”, They tell me he was found guilty in the civil trial and made to exchange cash for the lives of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, still, he was not executed, as in a life for a life . . . .

White folks, on a whole, have no qualms dismissing Black folks opinions, views, perspectives. That’s a given.

Ronald Reagan attempted to reverse the civil/social advancements of his era, single-handily ushered in the current Neo-Cons who’s mission today is to carry on Reagen’s work I like millions of Americans consider the 666 tag he earned fitting, very fitting.

Reagan’s photo hangs in virtually no, none, not-ta’ African/Mexican/Native nor Asian American households – nevertheless he’s a GOP God to millions upon millions of conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) European-Americans (White folks),

I know, I know, I just want to make my words perfectly clear.

Nixon’s considered, by aging, well actually old White men as some type of falsely persecuted hero, and this perspective from Nixon on Black folks would do little if nothing to tarnish that view: ‘They are (Blacks) coming along, and that after all they are going to strengthen our country in the end because they are strong physically and some of them are smart’.

So forth and so on.” Nixon went on to say that blacks might become valued members of society “if you’re talking in terms of 500 years”, but he thought “it’s wrong if you’re talking in terms of 50 years”.

The man’s a hero in the estimation of the Conservative establishment in America . . . and nobody else.

AM hate radio is a bastion of this type of thinking – just listen to the AM station in your city – which partner’s with and broadcast NFL games – they most likely also host hate talkers who fill the airwaves with only, and I do mean only angry white men’s conceptions of freedom fighters and terrorist.

Yes, the NFL, MLB and the NBA underwrite an AM radio industry which amplifies such racist ideology, for now.

Mike Vick’s a hero, look at the votes he’s garnering in the All Star voting- his numbers in-part reflect black and Latino kids weighing in, younger Obama generation White guys voting, kids less racist then their fathers and uncles.

Mike Vick isn’t merely the guy who’ll redefine the quarterback position in football to a higher tier, one where few White guys can compete, which is why he was demonized long before the dog fighting charges – but he’s now redeeming himself – which is a transformation many cannot accept nor respect . . . because of who and what Vick is, what he embodies, who he’s symbolic of – the Black male, the Black Alpha male who is instinctively looked down upon, who’s just rewards and respect is never willingly given by white America.

There’s an element in this country which never wanted Vick to succeed or excel on the gridiron or in-life, and they’re waiting, hoping, praying to their White baby Jesus he stumbles so they can openly hate him . . . and people like him . . . just because.

Vick hero or that Black gangster/thug dog-fightin’ convict . . . depends on your perspective.