Notebook: Froch, Ward lead Super 6

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 1, 2010
IOWA CITY (BASN) — Carl Froch fought the tough Arthur Abraham and showed that sluggers can adopt.

What allowed Froch to dominate this fight was his ability to change his style to fit a strategy that avoided rough and tough tumble bout and turned it into a boxing match.

In the final stage of the Super Middleweight Showtime Classic, Froch showed flexibility that will serve him over the next two bouts as he attempts to move toward the Showtime classic championship and claim to be the king of the Super Middleweights. Froch used speed and boxing skills to outmaneuver the tough Arthur Abraham and Abraham looked befuddled throughout the bout. Abraham retreated to his normal high held guard but he could never get his own offensive power going while eating a ton of Froch’s jabs. During the middle rounds, Abraham’s face showed wear and tear as Froch seem never missed any solid combination. As Froch headed to an easy victory, he had to mindful of Abraham ability to end a fight with one loping right hand.
Between the seventh and ninth rounds, Froch hurt Abraham with solid shots and there were times it looked that King Arthur would be stopped. Abraham stood upright till the last round and even got a few solid blows in the final rounds that caused Froch second thoughts, leading the Brit to return to his jabbing style to take home an easy victory.

Meanwhile back in the states, Andre Ward won a tough unanimous decision against Sakio Biko. While Ward won by wide margins on the cards, Bika is one of those fighters who can turn any fight into a back alley brawl and Ward found himself in one of those bouts in which no one looks good. He found a way to win against an awkward opponent.
This Ward bout was the final show before the semifinals of the Super Six classic. Ward now prepares to fight Abraham and Froch is scheduled to fight the ageless road warrior Glen Johnson. The Super Six has suffered from attrition as three of the original competitors had to drop out either due to injuries (Mikkel Kessler and Andre Dirrel)l or in the case of Jermain Taylor, one knock out too many.
Yet we still see a world class tournament with three of the best Super Middleweights along with Glen Johnson, one of the better light heavyweights even at the age of 41.
Andre Ward comes into the final two fights with six points but Abraham will be tough fighter since he has shown he can win the fight with one mighty blow and Carl Froch will be the favorite against the Road Warrior Glen Johnson. The winner will then find himself with a big money bout with Canadian Lucian Bute, who may actually be the best Super Middleweight in the world.
On HBO, Jason Litzau failed to read the script as he upset Celestino Caballero in a split decision. In a about that was to showcase Caballero, Litzau simply took Caballero’s best punch. In a close bout decided by inches, Litzau derailed Caballero rise to the top showing that fights are not won on paper but in the ring. And Andre Berto decided to put his hat into the Manny Pacquiao sweepstakes as he nailed Freddy Hernandez with the perfect right hand in the first round. In about two minutes, Berto showed that he has the power and quick hands that might give Pacquiao concerns but there is no evidence to show that Team Pacman are that anxious to fight him.
Juan Marquez fought Michael Katsidis with the idea of expanding his own claim to a third Pacquiao fight. Marquez has fought two bouts with Pacquiao that were tight and both fights could have gone either way.
For Marquez, he has been an elite fighter over the past decade and at 37, he still showed against Katsidis that he is still the best light weight as he consistently nailed a dogged Katsidis as his more sharper accurate punches.
While Katsidis lost the fight when he was stopped in the ninth round, he did manage to knock down Marquez in the third round with a beautifully placed left hook. Marquez was down early but as the fight progressed, his punches became sharper and this fight resembled the first Diaz fight.

On that night during their first fight, Diaz dominated the early rounds and hurt Marquez but Marquez figured out Diaz and won the bout with a TKO. Just as in the Diaz fight, Marquez simply got better as the fight moved along and Katsidis, a very good fighter, was up against a hall of fame fighter.

Marquez’s victory put him in line with Pacquiao sweepstake but Team Pacman wants the older Shane Mosley, who showed that at the age of 38 in his fight with Mayweather, he is no longer Sugar Shane Mosley of old but just an old Mosley.

But Mosley still is a bigger name than the younger Berto. It is about money for Team Pacman and they are not anxious to put their man against a younger opponent or even Marquez when they can get bigger bucks fighting Mosley.