New York’s Newest Big A

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 8, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — Break up the New York Knicks, break them up right now!

After the road warriors completed their road rage distraction by winning of three out of four teams on their recent Western Conference trip in against the lowly, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, they came home to beat the Charlotte Bobcats twice with home on home games.

After they came crashing down to earth with a home loss to the high flying Atlanta Hawks, they go on another roll after beating the Detroit Pistons and the New Jersey Nets respectively.

Sure they were beating the NBA’s version of ‘cupcake’ city, but hey as the old saying goes by the Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, “just win baby!” They have a 13-9 record entering Wednesday’s home game against Toronto.

Amar’e Stoudemire’s nickname is STAT which is an acronym for Standing Tall and Talented. At this point in the season he would be heavily considered for MVP honors as he has just racked up two straight Eastern Conference Player of the Week awards after averaging over 33 points and almost 12 rebounds.

Some people may know of the prowess of Stoudemire but they may have forgotten that he has been on this type of “rampage” as Clyde Frazier would say, since the trade deadline of last season passed.

Most of the skeptics were worried about how STAT would pan out without the assisting of his former teammate in Phoenix, Steve Nash, but those doubts have been laid to rest.

Now, some folks are even joking now as to how Nash will do with Stoudemire. He’s found a new connector in the hardworking and gritty Raymond Felton who came to the Knicks also this summer from the Bobcats on a 2-year deal.

Felton himself is putting up All-star like numbers.

A few things have been bragged about with regard to Stoudemire; for one, his work ethic. He’s always the first one to the practice gym and the last one to leave.

On game days he’s out at the arena doing his version of Larry Bird. No, he’s not working on 3-pointers. But he is perfecting his mid-range game to the fullest extent of NBA law.

STAT has command and respect in the locker-room. When the Knicks before heading out on their west coast journey laid an egg at home against the Houston Rockets and were 3-8 he called himself out as well as his teammates.

He wasn’t doing it to be malicious or controversial; he was just stating facts of what he expected when he signed and what he wasn’t used to and that was losing.

Those words seemed to have some sort of magical potion to it because the Knicks as a team as a whole has been playing lights out basketball and have given their die-hard and long suffering fans a reason to cheer and to be proud.