Looking at Saturday’s Heroes (Week 13)

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 1, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — In Week 13, Auburn proved they are the best team in college football with a comeback victory over Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

LSU ran out of tricks and Boise State lost in overtime to the Wolf pack of Nevada. With all of that, the Top 20 looks like a big messy bowl of gumbo.

Find out if your favorite team is still in the Top 20 new and improved Eric Graham Stiff-Arm College Football Poll. Remember the rules, if you win, you are in…..And there are no exceptions to the rules.

1. Auburn (12-0)

The Tigers make their fourth appearance in the SEC Championship this weekend against South Carolina. This season, Auburn has won five games against Top 25 teams.

2. Oregon (11-0)

With a national championship on the line, Oregon and Oregon State go to battle in the inter-state rival known as the Civil War. Amazingly, the Beavers have won five of the last six games.

3. TCU (12-0)

TCU is leaving the Mountain West Conference by choosing the Big East in 2012-13.

4. Wisconsin (11-1)

The Badgers had 46 rushing touchdowns this season, which is the second most in the FBS. Now, they prepare for the Rose Bowl after sharing the Big Ten title with Ohio State and Michigan State.

5. Stanford (11-1)

The Cardinals set school record with 11 wins this season and a possible Rose Bowl appearance.

6. Ohio State (11-1)

7. Michigan State (11-1)

8. Nevada (11-1)

9. Boise State (10-1)

The Broncos missed two late field goals in a 34-31 overtime loss versus the Wolf pack of Nevada on Black Friday, which ruined their Cinderella season to play for a BCS National Championship.

10. Arkansas (10-2)

11. LSU (10-2)

12. Missouri (10-2)

13. Oklahoma (10-2)

14. Virginia Tech (10-2)

The Hokies are preparing for ACC Championship game against the 9-3 Seminoles of Florida State by winning 10 games in row after losing their first two games against Boise State and James Madison. Unfortunately, FSU has won 13 of their last 14 games against the Hokies.

15. Oklahoma State (10-2)

16. South Carolina (9-3)

17. Alabama (9-3)

18. Texas A&M (9-3)

19. Nebraska (10-2)

20. Utah (10-2)

NOTE: This poll will dramatically change after next week’s games. So don’t be surprised if your favorite team gets stiff-armed out of the top 20. In other words, keep your chin-strap on.