Kayode and Franco win

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 4, 2010

Lateef Kayode

Lateef Kayode

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Friday night on Showtime, Lateef Kaydoe showed future cruiserweights that he will be a force to be reckoned with.

In a match against veteran Ed Perry, Kaydoe showed power and skills as he took apart his opponent with powerful jabs followed by sledgehammer rights.

Over the first two rounds, Kaydoe used a variety of punches, many to the body of Perry as he established the pace. In the third round, Perry countered with some effective punches on his own as he decided to take the fight toe to toe.

Unable to move out of harm’s way, Perry decided to fight.

Meanwhile, Kaydoe continued to jab and hit the body to eke out the round. Perry went full tilt in the beginning of the fourth round as he slugged with the stronger Kaydoe.

For the first minute, he may have finally got the better of the exchanges but Kaydoe nailed Perry with several head cuts along with nasty body shots that forced Perry to his knee. Kaydoe continued his assault as he moved forward but Perry managed to survive the round.

The fifth round saw Kaydoe dominate the action as he pumped several body shots, forcing Perry to retreat. This continued at the beginning of the sixth round as he punished Perry with a five punch combination followed by a left hook to the body. Perry slumped down on his knee and he struggled to get up but failed. The left hook to the body ended the fight as Kaydoe looked impressive in victory.


In the opening bout of the SHOBOX card featured Eric “Outlaw” Hunter versus Cuban born prospect Luis Franco. As one pundit observed, Hunter earned his outlaw reputation as he consistently unleashed one low blow after another.

Franco’s workman style proved decisive as he showed the experience of his amateur career that featured hundred of bouts.

Like many Cuban fighters who turned pro, Franco has fought international competition against some of the top amateur fights in the world and while he has only seven professional bout, his amateur experience gives him a base to move forward in his career quickly.

The bout showed its pattern as Franco forced Hunter to retreat with solid shots and Hunter threw his first low blow and may have initialed a head butt as well. In the second round, Hunter missed with a shot and Franco countered with a solid left hook that stunned Hunter. Franco continued his assault throughout the round retreating Hunter.

Hunter threw yet another low blow that cost him a point deduction. His best round was the fifth as he managed to nail Franco with a nasty left despite this, Franco dominated the action with more activity and solid offense.

While Hunter landed some solid lefts, Franco continued to up his lead on the scorecards. In the eighth round, Franco and Hunter collided with a head shot, with Franco losing a point as the referee felt the head butt intentional.

Franco continued his offense and Hunter let loose yet another low blow. The referee stopped the fight as he disqualified Hunter. At this point, Hunter needed a knock out to win and he was not going to win by decision.

His constant low blows forced the referee hand.

Often it is easy to say Hunter may not move forward as a prospect but the danger in making judgments about a career is that we don’t know how good is Franco. Will Franco become an elite fighter over the next couple of years?

If so, this may simply a good fighter losing to a great fighter. Whether Hunter is a prospect in his own right will be settled over the next few fights.

As for Kayode, he is trained by Freddie Roach, one of the best in the business and he looks better with each fight. Kayode has the tools to be a top ten contender as he shows the talent needed to compete for a title.