It’s either him or me!!!

By Joe Biddle
Updated: December 11, 2010

NASHVILLE — I find it extremely strange that Vince Young chooses not to attend Titans home games. The Titans quarterback is on injured reserve and his season is over.

But if you profess to be a leader of the team, as Young has done, and your team is mired in its second six-game losing streak in two years, wouldn’t you at least show enough interest to be on the sideline showing support for your teammates?

It’s no secret there are hard feelings between Young and Coach Jeff Fisher, although Fisher denies such is the case from his side. Young tweeted Monday that he is busy being a father, playing with his kids. If his surgically repaired thumb doesn’t prevent Young from playing with his children, then why would it keep him from attending Titans home games?

Fisher gave his thoughts on the matter Monday. “Most of the time, players on injured reserve, if they are in town, will show up for the game,” Fisher said.

“I’m surprised (Young) is not here. He was not told not to be here. Again, he is following the guidelines with what we do with injured-reserve players,” Fisher said.

Asked if he believed Young’s absence at games and in the Titans complex is a sign Young is still pouting after not being allowed to go back in the Redskins game after his injury, Fisher was quick to reply.

“I don’t know what his issue is. He’s not here,” Fisher said tersely. “He’s on injured reserve, OK?”

All signs point to either Fisher or Young not being with the Titans next season. Fisher’s current contract gives him the power to make personnel decisions.

But at least on two occasions, owner Bud Adams has overruled Fisher.

Adams made the decision for the Titans to take Young in the first round of the 2006 draft while Fisher and others in the building did not have Young as their top-rated quarterback.

Last season Adams informed Fisher to make a quarterback change after the team started 0-6 with Kerry Collins at quarterback. Adams looked smart on that call, as the Titans were 8-2 under Young.

After the Redskins game this season in Week 11, Young once again showed his immaturity when he made his opinion of Fisher audible to teammates. He then stormed out of the locker room, despite Fisher’s urging for Young to stay and not to walk out on his teammates.

Adams later made it public the two men would have to learn to work together.

Easier said than done.

If I am Jeff Fisher, I force Adams to make a choice on which one he wants to keep beyond this season. Force Adams’ hand on the matter. It won’t resolve itself any other way.

This is Fisher’s 16th season as the Titans coach. He is 5-6 in six playoff appearances. He hasn’t won a playoff game since 2003.

Adams’ first priority is to see the Titans make the Super Bowl. They haven’t come close the last two seasons and Adams isn’t getting any younger.

I’m not sure either Fisher or Young ever gets the Titans back to a Super Bowl. If they both stay here, I guarantee it won’t happen.