Here comes “The Hater” (Volume 11)

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 4, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — “Live from My Toilet Talking S***”, is a new sports column featuring the infamous Black Athlete Sport Network’s Bobbee Bee “The Hater.”

Every week, Bobbee Bee will personally answer all of your tough sports questions while sitting on his toilet and reading some of his uncle’s old Jet magazines.

1. What is your opinion on Auburn’s Cam Newton scandal?

Daddy didn’t raise no fool. If somebody offers you $200,000, you take it!!

2. If you played with Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, who would you pass the ball to with two seconds left on the game clock?

Eddie House, who else?

3. Do you think Jerry Jones should have fired Wade Phillips?

No. Jerry Jones shouldn’t have fired head coach Wade Phillips but Donald Trump should have. You’re Fired!!

4. Do you think NFL teams should still double team Randy Moss?

Yes. Teams should still double team Randy Moss. Because everybody knows he is BI-POLAR.

5. Are you impressed with Penn State’s Joe Paterno’s historic 400th career victory against Northwestern?

NO. Isn’t Joe Pa like 400 years old? So that’s simply one win per year. Big deal.

6. Did you see ESPN’s 1st and 10 Skip Bayless doing the “Dougie”?

Yes. It was soooooooooooooooo GAY!!

7. What do you think about Donovan McNabb’s new $75 million contract?

After watching the Eagles vs. the Redskins on Monday Night Football, I think the wrong quarterback got the contract. Michael Vick deserves that money.

8. Did you vote for Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars?

No. I was in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

9. Do you like the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team?

I hate the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, but I love Maya Moore. Will you marry me? I am on my knees, begging you please…… baby, baby, please.

10. Did you see Michael Vick’s outstanding performance against the Washington Redskins?

Yes. He looked like he was playing in a video game.

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