Will Mayweather be next?

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 14, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Manny Pacquiao simply reinforced in Jerry Jones’ palace, that he is one of the best fighters of this generation.

His mastery of Antonio Margarito simply showed that the only guy who could beat him is Floyd Mayweather. From the opening round, Pacquiao’s right jab began in a piston like motion, which continued throughout the bout.

Margarito was the biggest fighter that the Pacman ever faced and since his suspension due to the use of plaster, he had something to prove. For Margarito, this was his chance to get back in the title hunt and more important, redeem his reputation.

Pacquiao’s speed proved decisive in the first round as he laid several three punch combinations on Margarito as he moved in and out. He attempted a wild right at the end of the round but it only hit air.

However, Pacquiao established a set tempo starting with his right jab and followed by sharp lefts, forcing Margarito’s guard to stay up.He covered up against the quicker Pacquiao, who stayed outside and circled before attacking.

Margarito could not generate any offense over the first six minutes but in the third round, he closed the distance and land a few punches the inside . As Margarito closed the distance, he became even more vulnerable to Pacquiao’s quicker combinations.

In one exchange, Margarito landed a solid right but a hard left came flying back at him from Pacquiao. The round concluded with a four punch combination by the Pacman.

In the fourth round, he began to punish Margarito as he shook him with a hard right before unleashing a seven punch combination. Margarito then moved forward but he got wobbled with another combination.

Pacquiao pounded Margarito throughout the rest of the fourth round and continued into the fifth round. He barely survived the fourth round and suffered from being nailed with sharp combinations at the opening of the fifth round.

Margarito finally scored in the sixth round and may have done enough to win the round but going into the second half of the fight, he was behind on the scorecard.

As the second half of the fight began, Pacquiao entertained the fans with a Ali-Shuffle before nailing Margarito with sharp combinations. He connected on combinations and move out before Margarito could throw a counter punch.

There are times that Margarito must have felt that he was seeing a blur as he kept getting hit with combinations. His face started to swell and with five rounds left, the question was not rather Pacquiao would win but whether Margarito would end the fight on his feet.

In the eighth round, Margarito managed to trap Pacquiao on the ropes but he played Houdini and escaped. It would seem when Margarito looked like he was going to produce some competition, a Pacquiao combination reminds the Mexican fighter that this is the Pacman world and he is merely a prop in it.

In the 10th round, Margarito’s eyes are nearly closed and the referee tested them before the start of the round. Just as the referee allowed the fight continued, Pacquiao nailed him with a nasty right hand.

This led to a 10-punch combination and Margarito got rocked.

For the next eight minutes, Pacquiao pounded Margarito and he took the Pacman’s best with the idea of finishing this fight. If Pacquiao was the better fighter, Margarito’s goal was not just finished but hopefully go for one last rally.

He had trouble seeing the blur coming his way as Pacquiao simply threw punches from all angles. Uppercuts, right hooks, straight left all hitting their targets as Margarito’s right eye started to pour blood.

In the 11th round, Margarito nearly went down and the referee stopped the action once to see if he wanted to continue. He nodded yes and from there, it was only a matter of time before the final bell rang.

For anyone who cared, Pacquiao won the WBC junior Middleweight but it was not title that mattered but it was just another step to the fight that everyone wants to see, Mayweather-Pacquiao.

For Pacquiao, it is not about collecting titles but showing the world that he is the best pound for pound fighter. Titles are a mere by-product of his winning.