Welcome To The Endzone: Miami Blues

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 29, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — With the Miami Heat sporting a 10-8 record following Monday’s win 105-94 against the Washington Wizards, the players are now beginning to question Erik Spoelstra’s ability to coach the team.

So today in the “Endzone”, we offer these 10 tips that could help the Heat in the month of December.

1. Ask Alonzo Mourning to come out of retirement in order to play center.

2. Ask Allen Iverson to play point guard and change The Three Kings to the Four Horseman.

3. Ask Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan if he wants to play and coach the team.

4. Ask former New York Knick Anthony Mason if he could teach the team a class on “How to intimidate your opponent?”

5. Ask former Cavalier head coach Mike Brown, who was fired prematurely if he wants to coach the team.

6. Ask Udonis Haslem to cut those braids off.

7. Ask Minnesota Timberwolves Michael Beasley if he wants to come back to the Heat in order to provide some more scoring.

8. Ask Chris Bosh to grow his locks back.

9. Ask rapper Rick Ross and D.J. Khaled to make a high-energy, high powered, hip-hop theme song to play during the game.

10. Ask Mike Miller to hurry up and come back. And stay behind the three-point line.