Welcome To The Endzone: Big Hugs

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 17, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Cincinnati Bengal WR Terrell Owens is known for screaming “I love me; some me!!”

So today in the “Endzone” we list 10 players, we love to cheer for. Unfortunately, T.O. didn’t make the list.

1. Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick

He went from an orange prison suit to the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s truly a wonderful story of redemption. He even out played Peyton Manning when the Eagles beat the Colts last week.

Then on Monday Night Football, he came back and victimized the Washington Redskins defense by completing 20 of 28 passes for 333 yards while throwing four touchdowns and running for two more. He was simply unstoppable. You can’t hate this dude. The city of brotherly love has finally found their starting quarterback.

2. Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant

I hate the Dallas Cowboys but love the “rookie” wearing the number 88 jersey which formerly belonged to Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin. He, in fact, is the “Adrian Peterson” of wide receivers. Simply Awesome!!

3. Auburn University QB Cam Newton

Even with allegations lingering in the air, Cam Newton was “cooler than a cucumber” as he played an almost perfect game in their 47-31 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs last Saturday.

4. New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks

He has some GIANT hands which allow him to make some great catches. I liked this big play wide receiver even in college when he was making speactular catches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Keep throwing him the ball Eli.

5. New York Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw

He is one of the best running backs in the game. On every carry, he runs hard. He doesn’t take any plays off like Titans WR Randy Moss.

Because when Bradshaw gets the ball, he cuts left, he cuts right, he dances, and he scats at full speed. And then bam, he is gone.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris

It’s always good to see another Black head coach on the sidelines. But with a name like Raheem Morris, you have to be a good coach. Besides, I love the fact that Raheem had the freaking (paul-lean-knees) to step to the microphone and declare that the Buccaneers are the best team in the NFC!

7. Minnesota Timberwolves PF Kevin Love

His name is Kevin Love. Enough said. But this guy had 31 points and 31 rebounds against the New York Knicks. Stats like that haven’t been accomplished since Moses Malone did it 28 years ago. I got nothing but love for you dude. Great performance.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman

This is the quarterback of the future. While everybody is talking about Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Clausen, and Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman is out playing them all.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount

Even though this guy is known for “throwing the infamous punch” that knocked out Boise State’s Byron Hout while at Oregon, he is now bulldozing over competition in the NFL as the starting running back for the Bucs. Blunt is running the football like the Giants Brandon Jacobs should be.

10. Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews

Matthews is big-time player. He went from being a walk-on at USC to becoming one of the best defensive players in the NFL. He plays the game with enthusiasm and passion. Quarterbacks beware!!!