Two fighters, two directions

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 20, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Watching a repeat showing of the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito bout, I felt was at ringside of one of the best boxing masters over the past three decades.

As Pacquiao has moved up in weight, his impressive speed and mastery of the sweet science has improved with age. He pot shot his way over an easy victory and as the fight moved along, Pacquiao got stronger as he wore the bigger man down.

It was suppose to be the other way with the bigger Margarito using his size to wear down the smaller Pacquiao, but Margarito ended up as Pacquiao’s personal punching bag.

By the end of the fight, Margarito’s eyes were swollen nearly shut and his face were bloodied and bruised. Pacquiao simply destroyed the former scourge of the Welterweight divisions.

As for the “Pac Man”, he’s starting to run out of opponents or opponents who can provide him with big PPV numbers. He has essentially beaten every top fighter with marquee names.

What’s left are some good fighters like Tim Bradley, Devon Alexander or Andre Berto but fighters who at this point in their career are not PPV stars in their own right.

The problem with Pacquiao is that there aren’t many great fights available that have fans salivating enough to plunk down $50 for a PPV. There are some intriguing fights out there, Bradley-Alexander or Amir Kahn vs Marcos Maidana, but none of these fighters are at the point in their career where they transcend the sport like a Manny Pacquiao.

There is only one fight for Pacquiao and that is Mayweather.

For Pacquiao, Mayweather would be the ultimate test for he’s not only a bigger fighter but he can match Pacquiao’s speed. His constant motion and unlimited endurance would bother Mayweather so this fight is one of those fights where we are talking nine figures.

Could you imagine a Mayweather-Pacquiao in Cowboy stadium?


For the real fight fan, Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez were to provide the fireworks, two equal fighters who were prepared to rumble. Instead of a great fight, we saw a great knockout.

Williams came out aggressive in the opening minute as he pushed the action against the slick boxing Martinez who is an excellent counter puncher. Both fighters snapped good combinations in close quarters.

The second round began the same as the first as Williams continued to push, something that he used to whereas Martinez is a more methodical fighter.

Williams continued to attack but as they will say in boxing, it is the punch that you don’t see that ends fight and in one flick of eye, a Martinez straight left stopped Williams cold.

In slow motion, Williams longer left went in the direction of Martinez’s face but Martinez’s own left nailed Williams first. Williams went down face first and there was not getting up from this punch.

The normally tough Williams found himself losing for the first time as result of early stoppage. (His previous lost was a close decision.)

Martinez’s own goal was to ensure to keep the fight out of the judges’ hand as his last lost to Williams was a close bitter lost and Martinez waited for the one mistake.

As Martinez noted in the post interview, Williams opened himself as he pressured Martinez and he took advantage of the one opening.

Martinez is the best Middleweight in the world and his decimation of Williams puts him in a position of being an attractive fighter to appeal to bigger audience.

The problem is that Martinez doesn’t have a big name in the Middleweight that can attract the big dollars.