Straight No Chaser: Who’s Zoomin’ Who

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 9, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Mike Vick executed, what some animal lovers say were hundreds of dogs -that crime, along with illegal gambling laws he broke – cost Vick over 500 days in jail.

Weigh n’ measure that type of over-the-top justice with the Oakland BART constable on patrol (cop) Johannes Mehserle who . .

. mistakenly executed Oscar Grant at point blank range . . .

He’ll receive even less time behind bars for taking the young Black man’s life.

Of course I well understand one’s not suppose to call a Spade a spade or a Redneck a Redneck, it’s not Tea Party appropriate, it fails to meet their reactionary company-line, but Jesus-flippin’ Christ – if this incident doesn’t amplify and illustrate, in stark Black n’ White – the value, or perhaps rather ‘the lack of value’ associated with a Black Person’s life . . . then what might?

The Vick comparison was the exact poignant point Oscar Grant’s uncle made following the predictable light sentencing of police BART police officer . . . and the man is 1000% correct.

Both Grant’s Uncle and Bobby Johnson noted that NFL star Michael Vick got a harsher sentence for running a dog-fighting ring. “What you take from that is that Oscar Grant’s life was not worth very much,” Burris said.

But let’s ponder the under-lying point; Why can’t ‘White America,” admit to the hypocrisy which is woven into the fabric of this, the “land of equality?”

Who’s zooming who? Those individuals working to “take back their country,” define and designate “what is American culture” . . . why can’t they admit to the ‘different’ set-of-standards used to govern this nation?

Really. Merely put a “face” on those real Americans who underwrite politicians who give the police Darryl Gates/Bull Conner styled audacious power?

And, if they can’t confess to the obvious dual-standards, then please at least admit the rules and laws of our society are applied by the WASP establishment ‘sometimes;’ depending upon the color, class, gender, religion and politics of the individual in question?

Is that type of honesty too much to ask?

Kiss me baby, look me dead-in-my-eyes when you feel like getting on-top and screwing me. Here, I’ll drive back around the same block again, and spell-it-out slowly, with a megaphone, in Romper-Room fashion.

Can Washington Savage Head Coach Mike Shanahan, “the little genius” fail to understand he stands-on-the-verge of loosing many of the Black-skins in his Redskin’s locker room, and perhaps a smidgen of the pale-faces also – because his slighting of Donovan Mcnabb was so blatant, so-very transparent?

Well no, Mike doesn’t “get that” because his daughter was the college roommate of Jenna Bush, George W’s little brat. Mike’s a royal member of the most privileged, arrogant, pompous element of America – White males. Card carrying aristocrat’s with property, assets, connections, resources and credentials.

Shanny, along with NFL owner Pat Bowlen and Republican Tea Party golden boy John “Wayne” Elway offered up the Denver Broncos to lend their names and fame to raise funds for Little George and Big Dick Cheney . . . so yes, we’ve some clue how he feels about Black people.

Seriously, if these men can break bread with draft-dodgers like the former President and VP, men who sacrificed American lives in Iraq for Black Gold, Texas Tea . . . ?

If they can do-business with those who sacrificed lives in New Orleans . . . merely because they were mostly poor Black lives – that speaks volumes about who and what type of man Mike Shananhan is – and the “value” he places on Black people.

I’d love to hear Mike Shanahan speak at length, elaborate upon his political/social/economical views – I bet you a gazillion dollars it will explain precisely how and why he benched McNabb.

Mike Shanahan, like the judge in the Oscar Grant case, like South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson . . . has a certain opinion about race, about class, about the issue of “the Black Quarterback.”

I’d wager Shanahan agrees with Rush Limbaugh to a degree – the Black Quarterback is being given props and respect he is not due, not earned – because White males refuse to admit they’ve rigged every reverent and irrelevant game in the game-of-life; both refuse to admit the Black Signal Caller has a racist mindset of a mine-field to navigate.

We all know why there were no Black Field Generals in ESPN’s highly touted NFL’s Greatest 100 players – White dudes were (and still are) afraid of allowing the Black man to display his alpha-male leadership abilities.

Mike Vick’s classy classic comeback is infuriating a number of already angry White dudes, no? Can we admit that?

The political backlash which was able to be mustered against President Obama’s team last week, the people who rose to the man-made occasion, to repel a Black man who ‘pulled himself up by the boot straps, obtained a higher education at this nations most prestigious institutions, gave back to the little people, became a public servant and is a husband and father – has been told to “sit-down and shut-up Nigger” – there’s a different set-of-rules for your Black ass, and his efforts to help the unwashed masses has been rejected as a form of mass welfare/slavery reparations.

Truthfully, this form of Archie Bunker hostility Obama has faced is no different then what Vick and McNabb have encountered, and its at the core of what the Oscar Grant executioner underscores; they’re different standards laid down – for different folks, and the laws are flexible – the rules of the book biasly implemented, selectively enforced . . . usually when the person-in-question is of color, poor, female – then the book is thrown at you by society – the entrenched establishment and the Simi Valley court-of-public opinion.

How else is Brett Favre emailing Kodak Moments of his penis to Playboy bimbo’s, embarrassing and shaming his wife . . . and still be on your 147 inch HD/illegal alien plasma-filled Panorama vision flat-screen selling Wranglers to Rednecks?