Straight No Chaser: Two-Faced Lies

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 19, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Even with one foot, a size 11, “double-d,” – envision an Indian war canoe . . . firmly dug-into the male soap-opera referred to as the NFL, and the other implanted in the world of One politics – I’m shocked, shocked I say to find out there’s different strokes . . . for different folks in this country. Brett Favre and Mike Vick adhere to two very different set-of- standards. As do George W. and President Obama.

I feel bitch-slapped, back-handed to my knees by the consistent “two-faced” reaction of “mainstream America” to certain iconic “human symbols” – individuals who’re high-profile poster-people “representing” whole segments of society.

This column reads best . . . with the “Undisputed Truth” on in the background singing “Smiling Faces.”

What we’re witnessing here is a type of society-wide fraud, which speaks World Book Encyclopedia volumes (1969 set) about the practice of deceit, and that trait being deeply-woven into the patchwork-fabric of America – a deliberate, well thought out mindset of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” This policy is applied, practiced whenever dealing with societies . . . Great White Hopes.

That noted collection of misfits, the esteemed “court-of-public opinion” – is blindly following this primitive creed when handling certain high-profile individuals. Think Planet Of The Apes.

This nation’s President, Barack Obama and NFL signal callers Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, none of these Alpha Males can garner little, if no, none what-so-ever “props,” as in proper respect from sportsfans, nor non-fans.

However, in the eyes of the same “middle America” – George W. Bush and Brett Favre appear to be “golden boys” who can do no real wrong. Un-flippin-believable, isn’t it? I need someone to enlighten me to how this twisted world got turned upside-down and inside-out?

I’ve no clue how Favre is still plastering “Wrangler” all over his ass, placing his ass behind those Snapper lawn mowers – while being investigated for his mailing snap-shots of his penis to playboy bunny Jenn Sterger , while at work, on the NFL clock . . . .

As I understand it Nike, Starter, Smart Car, Prilosec and MasterCard are all on-hold waiting and seeing if Bret is still “White” and not now “Black” – based on his apparent infidelity and womanizing.

You get it, I got it and most Black folks got it; when, in the height of Tiger’s fall – the comments about “now having proof Tiger was Black . . . ” because he was cheating on is wife with a litany of snow-bunnys that’s a slight.

That insulting innuendo is akin to the one Rush Limbaugh, leader of the Angry White men loves to use: “Bill Clinton remains this nation’s first Black President” – “Black” because he played the sax while in Ray-Bans, smoked a little weed and cheated on his woman.,

Translation; the man has no morals, values nor character . . . thank the stars I speak “Red-neck-lish.”

In the eyes of the New Republican Tea Party – “character” is an element deemed lacking, severely-so, in folks-of-color . . . while for White folks, on a whole – they have to be “caught, red-handed,” “convicted” before it can even be assumed, implied they’ve any moral conflicts.

We don’t have to look any further then George W., the nations 43rd President. This traveling circus clown is on a national tour pushing his “book.” Please note; “book” is a Plastic-Man stretch, honestly . . . coloring-books are technically “books” – but I meander.

Instead of Bush being rebuffed by corporate media – because supposedly journalist are the “eyes n’ ears” of you and I – the little people, the “4th column” of our so-called Democracy – designed with the thought in mind the reporter and columnist ought to “check n’ balance” the powerful elite.

Nonetheless, these “news outlets” have no problem breaking-bread, sitting-down with W., a brat-of-privilege whose as intellectually sharp . . . as an bowling ball.They’ve much love, big love for a man . . . most of the world deems a “War criminal.”

“How I sodomized the American People . . . and got away with it” isn’t that the name of W’s book? OK, well that may not be the book’s name, but that was the undeniable outcome of the Bush presidency – the rich got richer, the poor . . . poorer, the middle class shrunk – by design, not by happenstance.

That’s the greed driven game this draft-dodging coke-head ran; George W. screwed not only a midget’s handful of innocent Death-row prisoners – he, let’s say recklessly put-to-death as the Lord of Texas, but, upon stealing the US presidency, he began sacrificing millions of other innocent souls in his careless quest for Texas-Tea in the Middle East.

This one-time Ivy League legacy male-cheerleader kissed a lot-of-ass and allowed himself to be used, greased, pimped, exploited – willingly bent-over by his oil and land-baron buddies – all of them mutually in the pursuit of dead presidents, cold cash. Profit, by any means required.

With that little observation on the books . . . . let’s compare and contrast Black with White.

However, there’s virtually no love for Obama from this nation’s “real” Americans; a Mulatto who’s pulled himself-up, way, way up, Obama’s a born Officer n’ Gentleman.

One who improvised, adapted and overcame, in a country, at his birth, still flying the 1961 flag-of-apartheid, still enforcing the limitations placed upon a “half-nigger baby born to a nigger-luving whore who was raped by a uppity, radical Zulu witch doctor, while under his “voo-doo spell” . . . .

I know, I know, I went over the top, way-too dramatic . . . not!

Tune into AM hate radio anywhere in the USA. I hear that everyday here in Denver on Clear Channel’s KHOW and KOA . . . the home of the NFL’s Broncos – that type of “playing the dozens” is the local/regional/national/global and universal angry half-mad WASP company-line.

Clearly about 75% of the nation yearns to impeach Obama, exile him to Kenya. Did you know the death threats are pouring in against this man . . . and his family at record levels . . . . Why?

Anyway, back to work;

Vick’s the quintessential Horital Alger; Projects to Beverly Hills, to Leavenworth and now back to the palatial palace above Malibu. He did the crime and he did the time – can White America ever respect that?

Ponder, ponder – If Mike Vick win’s his team’s MVP, then the NFL – league MVP, wins the Superbowl and is MVP of the Superbowl . . . will Disneyworld allow him to ride on Splash Mountain and Rock n’ Roll Roller-coaster . . .along with his wife and kids?

And yet still, Favre’s merely a rumblin’, tumblin’, bumblin’, fumblin’, stumblin’ full-grown teenager, an aging good ol’ boy . . . who most of the rank n’ file self-proclaimed Sarah Palin lovin’ Red necks throughout White USA embraces, identifies, relates-to and harbor’s endless empathy, sympathy, pity, understanding and Man-luv for Brett.

It’s very interesting, no? Highly telling, yes? At this same moment, America’s sports “tea-bagging” fans maintain very little of that bro-mance for brothers.

No, instead, for any bone-headed move committed by a Black person – there’s a lynch mob-gathered instantly, long before the sun rises, demanding who-ever the Black desperado may be – he have the book thrown at ’em, then hung . . . by sunset . . . then castrated, burned-at-the-stake . . . after the “Picnic” ends.

Is this where the old custom of roasting marshmallows comes from . . .?

Who can deny The extremist who today dominate the “Right” – trivialize W’s rich frat-boy homicidal behavior, dismiss the country club playboy antics committed by Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, go on-down the list, because they are White males, accustom to having everything their way . . . or else.

It’s not incomprehensible to see how White America has never really lost their legendary zeal to “hang niggers” in some form or fashion, this country has an unquenchable thirst to punish people-of-color, specifically Blacks.