Straight No Chaser: Picture This — Again

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 29, 2010

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Winners never cheat, cheaters never win, cheaters never learn, , . . . Patriots never change their stripes?

DENVER (BASN) — Well, well, well, let’s us see if we’ve the facts, and just the facts; The NFL’s Broncos confessed to the NFL a violation by a team employee of the league’s integrity-of-the-game policy related to the improper videotaping of a six-minute segment of the San Francisco 49ers‘ October 30 practice at Wembley Stadium in London the day prior to the Broncos-49ers game there.

Team video director Steve Scarnecchia shot the video and presented it that day to head coach Josh McDaniels, who declined to view it, supposedly stating “No, I’m not doing that.”

Nevertheless, as a result of failing to report the incident as required by league policy, McDaniels has been fined $50,000 by Commissioner Roger Goodell, and Scarnecchia is on the proverbial hot seat, the fall guy was fired by Pat Bowlen and Goodell may brand, bar, or ban Sacarnecchia from the league for life.

But dig this; Scarnecchia and McDaniels previously worked for the New England Patriots, who we all recall were cold-busted for “Spy-Gate” – filming the opposition at practice.

Scarnecchia was knee deep in that crap as well, while Josh claimed to “not know anything about anything” . . . . it’s safe to assume that was a lie.

It appears the NFL’s well noted “lack of morals,” the much maligned “criminal element” goes beyond the conventional conservative thinking of “just” the poor Black boys in the locker-room.

Perhaps . . . say it ain’t so, “thuggery” runs all the way to the top, to coaches, administrators, all the way to the tip-top card-carrying country club fat-cat team owners?

“Just win baby win” appears to be the creed of both the NFL and Wall Street, no? Josh McDaniel’s latest blunder may be the fool’s bar of gold which broke the Rocky Mountain jackasses’ back . . . this frat-boy boy-genius may hopefully be on the 2:15 to Yuma, his extended stay here in Denver at its overdue end.

It’s going to be , let’s say . . . difficult to convince even the dumbass unwashed masses of sports-fans this chump didn’t just get caught doing what he got caught doing . . . but said he didn’t do back in Bean-Town.

Who believes London was the first time?

What we’ve here is a college man-child of privilege, from a Royal Ohio football family where . . . somebody knew somebody who knew some folks who knew some of the “right” people -who got Josh’s ass in the chair and his made the best of what was laid before him.

I don’t blame this punk for the string “Pinky n’ the Brain” moves he’s made in order to take-over the team . . . I blame the pompous arrogant aristocratic Canadian, Pat Bowlen, the Denver Bronco’s owner, who hired “the Beaver.”

My question is; Pat, baby, let’s not rehash what’s done – God can’t change the past nor can even your filthy-rich ass. Now, what can be done?

Well, hire a man, not a man-cub who can walk amongst men, Spartans, let’s be real – amongst Afro-American alpha-males, and not be intimidated? A man who can illicit respect via “who and what” he is – not merely because Bowlen’s mother’ is “comfortable” with him. . . “he’s a neat, sweet kid.”

Most people will expect Denver hiring a “Negro Whisperer” cut in the mold of Bill Parcells, say a Rex Ryan clone . . . who have that “Dr. Doolittle” ability to talk to the human animals, but I’d submit Pat you actually hire the “real thing,” a Black man.

Come into the 21st century Pat: its about “relating to” and having the “respect of” the team. Great White Hopes . . . “given” jobs don’t tend to be able to pull either of these task off.

Marvin Lewis brought respectability back to the Bengals – working for ownership so-tight with the moo-lah these cats squeak when they walk, yet Lewis was able to assemble a division winning team. Denver, after two season’s under this child clown is in disrepair; Lewis could be the man.

There’s a litany of other Black coaches, who’re qualified, starting with the Giant’s Perry Fewell, and over qualified like the Vikings new “in term” head coach, Lesly Frazier – why not give one of them a shot instead of bringing in some relic like Jim Haslett or some kid like Kyle Shanahan.

Laugh if you will, but I guarantee you that kid will be on some NFL owners “micro list” this off-season.

My thought would be not another cadet out of Good Ole Boy Institute, but perhaps somebody like Mike Singletary, who may be gone out in the Bay, but if Wade Phillips get’s a 4th or 5th shot, Sergeant Singletary ought to get a true “1st” out here in the Mile Hi metropolis.

Pat, you may not dig this . . . but dig this my man; Singletary’s got all the “right stuff” to mold, shape, break, bend, motivate and mobilize man-cubs into men. Can anyone truly believe little Josh boy has that type of credentials, clout, juice?

And if he ever did, say coming out of Camp Belichick many moons ago, that special Midas touch has obviously worn off.

In order to restore integrity, character, passion and a dogged-determination to excel and win . . . hire Singletary, Denver’s “ready” for a Black coach . . . I think, maybe.