Straight No Chaser: Hate Me Now

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 16, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — All the good ole’ boys over at Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, SI, ABC, CBS, NBC . . . must be a little disappointed – it seems the vast majority of them have been pontificating, predicting . . . seemingly planing on the demise of the Black Quarterback.

Just dig right beneath the surface and Google “the demise of the Black quarterback” and you too will marvel at the sheer volume of speculation, the lop-sided number of “journalistic pieces” reporting the impending end of an “experiment.”

Dan Snyder guaranteed Donovan McNabb $40 million dead presidents, because it’s pretty damn clear the sports press and the Shanahans’ share the same perspectives about Black QBs – they’re lazy and not too bright.

That conclusion, that summation is not too far removed from what is thought about Black men in general; let’s not lose sight of the coast-to-coast Right-Wing reality – such a demeaning summation is exactly what a large segment of “White America” believes in general about most Black and Brown men.

So I don’t believe all the so-called shock nor absolute denial which pours-out and over whenever White folks like the Shanahans are tabbed “racist.”

Seriously, really . . . being anti-Black any and everything is the official GOP/WASP -Tea Party company line which spills over into this country’s national pastimes.

Snakes don’t have hips, chickens don’t have lips and niggers ain’t got no brains . . . it doesn’t rhyme, but isn’t that the Sarah Palin Redneck plain truth?

Yes, this is the painted and tainted racist national mindset . .


So how does also a nation of sports-lovers . . . of somewhat anti-people-of-color react to San Fransisco 49er Signal Caller Troy Smith’s gaudy 116.6 QB rating over the last 3 contests, the possibility Mike Vick may be league MVP, he may be the Superbowl MVP . . .

How can it be?

And if it be, and it do be so, count-on the dejected, disgusted, deflated Black crow-eating sportswriter to minimize these ebony field generals overall competency.

Already, as I sit here in the lab Tuesday morning. . . with a pen n’ pad – Sporting News Radio, Steve Saban’s top-of-the-hour-corporate news is leading-off with McNabb’s 3 INTs . . . followed by Vick’s, as Steve Young stated “position redefining” night . . . ain’t that a bitch, the lead story is McNabb’s miscues airing it out playing catch-up, verses Vick’s brilliance.

See . . .

Here we go – instead we’ll be getting get a heavy double-dose of “Matty Ice” down in Atlanta and Joe Flacco in B-More. We’ll have to endure a full frontal attack by good ol’ boy Tea Bagging sport’s columnist and reporters depicting these Great White Hopes as the future of the position . . .

after Vick’s night of “redefining” the NFL’s Golden Boy position; Vick completed his first 10 passes en route to going 20 for 28 for 333 yards, and ran for 80 yards on eight carries, scoring 6 TDs . . . .

Friends . . .enemies, I’d submit Vick, Smith, Vince Young, Josh Freeman, young Tavaris Jackson up in Viking land, they are the future of the field General position in the NFL, it just hurts too much for the hypocritical guys over at Bleacher Report to report that from the bleachers . . .where they sit and watch.

I know, i know, I know . . . Can such efficiency at the Quarterback slot by Blacks be attributed to affirmative action?

“Quotas” or “Set Asides?” Well likely-so . . . in a league where Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s premiere White racist – is a weekly regular in some NFL aristocrat’s private coliseum penthouse.

Freeman and David Garrard appear to also be firmly seated in the top half of the league’s Quarterback statistics, nevertheless I-guarantee-you we’ll all continue to read demeaning, paternalistic “drive by” jabs and insults thrown about by, dig this – sports journalist.

Vince Young, like Vick has survived those in the press who wanted him to fold, quit, commit suicide or play Tight-end. In that order. Can I call the “nay-sayers”what they are, can I really tell them what they truly are, can I? Just one time? Can I get down . . .

to the truth . . . one time?

Today’s American sports journalist is first and foremost one-of-millions . . . envious, insecure, petty White dudes who simply can’t phantom Blacks “dominating” their country’s national past-times . . .

or taking long hot baths in the White House.

This is not as complicated as many would like to cast it; There are those who’re putting forth endless efforts, who’re always at work trying like hell to reverse progress, turn back the hands-of-time.

This yearning to “make things right, like they use to be” touches every aspect of American life. Including sports. Why?

Well because obviously American apartheid impacted and infected virtually all aspects of life; where you could eat, sleep, poop, worship, drink, work . . .

sports you could participate in and the positions you weren’t capable, able of playing.

Pitcher, President, Point guard, professional Passer . . . .

Still today the Black man has to break down these age-old mythical White man-made obstacles, societal Hoover Damns – which we seem to believe were built by . . . well-intentioned folks? Please! Or perhaps people from . . . some other planet?! No, these are the road block relics remaining from a time and place where legal racism ruled the land.

Men like Vick and Obama are forcing an aging but entrenched conservative (racist/sexist/elitist)establishment to re-evaluate their well documented stereotypically gutter level low-expectations maintained for centuries toward an entire race of people.

It’s crystal clear; for many accepting a Black man or women can do anything but clean the bathrooms is a mindset I guesstimate the overwhelming majority of White folks wrestle with daily.

Professors, astronauts, surgeons and now NFL Quarterback.

There’s not a Black nor Brown person alive who’ll not tell you they’ve either seen or dealt with this typical, predictable high n’ all-so-mighty arrogance/paternal-missionary-pity mentality more times then they can count.

European-Americans who seem to take some pleasure pretending American culture doesn’t embody a WASP standard of “You aint . . . .

and you don’t know . . . . All that inferiority driven make-believe, misplace superiority which produces the pompous, condescending unwarranted arrogance the world is burdened with Elvis, FOX News, the Beatles, The Who, Brett Favre, Ronald Reagan, Troy Aikman . . .

That’s America, not Mike Vick or Oprah.

I’ll say it again; high n‘ mighty arrogance or the missionary pity . . .

what ever happened to just mutual respect? Why can’t men like Obama or Vick get the respect they’ve earned?