Straight No Chaser: ‘Flash’ Dance

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 26, 2010

DENVER (BASN) –The “little Alaskan” Acorn didn’t fall far from the mama’s tree.

Ball-Room Dancing, have some tell it . . . is a “sport,” like say golf, bowling or car racing, nonetheless, so, as a sport, someone from the wide world-of-sports ought point out Bristol Palin is, what’s considered in the world of sports . . . a Great White Hope. America, supposedly “related more to Palin then to the giant Mandingo, Rick Fox or the little Black girl. What America are people talking about? White America?

Does there exist an isolated and insulated place called White America? Utah, Montana, Idaho . . . Wyoming? Every “good-side of a town? All the deep, snow-bank White suburbs? Are these the “strongholds”s where rank n’ file Real White people” are voting for a “real White America girl?

Is Brandy an “real American?” What about Rick Fox? What about President Obama? This bimbo’s momma, Sarah has more then “implied” Obama . . . and the people who support him . . . aren’t “real Americans”

“Dancing with the Stars”, like most of sports, reflects the racial cold-civil war America can’t escape, a battleground in America’s cultural war, a fight for precisely “who n’ “what” is Americana. You know – Elvis over James Brown, Pat Boone over Little Richard, the Osmonds over the Jackson 5, the Beatles over all the Black singers they were trying to imitate . . . ! All these acts were Great white Hopes . . .

or dopes.

This is a pride thing, a representation thing.

Bristol palin’s no-where close to the best dancer, the most-evolved contestant. . . she’s the multi-flawed daughter of a political movement’s Great White Hope.

She’s the Larry Bird of the musical hardwood floors, minus the talent, character and class of Mr.

Bird. Here, I’ll step-to-the-front from the ranks of my awfully quiet WASP sports writing peers; What’s taking place on “Dancing with the Stars” with Bristol Palin is no different then the the over-the-top praise heaved upon NFL darlings Brett Favre and Peyton Hillis.

The obvious insincere “rigging” of the competition – angry White folks voting for Palin not because of what she can do dancing wise, but because of who she is, and who she symbolizes. . .

Locked out Rednecks.

Favre’s done, and Hillis hasn’t even ran for a 1000 yards yet, but a starved for a White alpha Male gladiator to kick the asses of the mean Black men has prolonged Brett’s obvious demise and propelled Hollis to All-Pro “Gridiron Icon” status . . . in half-a-season.

This must be that place where politics meet sports meets ballroom dancing.

Interesting . . .

no? Bristol Palin, an out of wedlock teenager mother, the careless teen anti-role model, but, because of the racial and political tension gripping this nation, Bristol’s being elevated to a social position – she could not honestly attain . . . without cheating.

Palin’s run is akin to George W.

Bush stealing the presidency, perhaps twice. Both these people represent a shrinking establishment, unwilling to share influence,accolades nor power , and willing to win . . . by any means required, willing to do anything to keep “Real” Americans, Patriots . . . Rednecks in control of our society.

Palin was given an opportunity to compete for the title – because she’s the daughter of Sarah, end of story. Her mother represents a backlash, a revolt of sorts, and so does her daughter.

Back in the “good ol” days” Black folks would have been relegated to a token presence on a “Dancing with the Stars” type show, think American Bandstand 1977, how mechanical and stale it seemed compared and contrasted to “Soul Train.”

Better yet, look at sports during the official apartheid era in American history; 1975 and back – that’s why you have all these supermen like Babe Ruth and the boys – their “real competition” was deliberately, strategically excluded from participation – ensuring the manufacturing of fake, artificial, white man-made impostors, posing as something they’re not . . .being crowned as Champion.

Isn’t that what Bristol Palin is doing, pretending to be something she’s not – a talented dancer, a winner.

Here’s the tragic, scary part; The “Redneck” slice of White America, are still, in 2010, comfortable with winning . . . by cheating. They appear to be “OK” with winning . . . by any means required. The end justifies the application of any n’ all means necessary.

Would this not be a inherent character flaw, or rather – a lack-of-character issue?

If you ponder the thought, for but a micro-second you’ll realize the only reason there’s no Black Hall Of Famers in American sports pre say 1955 is not because we didn’t have the talent, skills or knowledge to compete and excel at sports – we merely were prohibited by the small penis insecurities of White males.

While today the only reason we don’t see White folks dominating the social landscape – is because of their own lack of abilities, and a somewhat-even playing field, it has not a damn thing to do with being forbidden or locked-out.

Apparently Bristol, and her momma, and the proud everyday “real rednecks” who back them, like a-lot of folks – don’t care how they win. Winning is not everything, its the only thing. We see the “Right” in this country embrace this mentality – from Main Street to Hollywood, from Wall Street to Washington to . . . Broadway, cheating appears to be the “real American” way.