Straight No Chaser: Cam Bashing

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 11, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Cameron Newton . . . is but a man. Same goes for his dad.; both little more then what we all are – “collections” of contradictions, doing good . . . doing bad.

A fireman saving a life in the morning . . .

beating his wife in the PM. A teacher ‘learning a child” one day, and at night working as a CPA – helping rich folks skirt their financial responsibility to the village . . . taxes.

You may not dig this, yet, dig this; I’m all-on Auburn Signal-Caller Cameron Newton’s band-wagon, just like he’s Huey P. Newton.

I want the kid to be successful, and I can say that with all-sincerity because I’m empathetic, even sympathetic of his precarious plight, his perilous position in this very serious game-of-life.

Doesn’t my mindset drastically contrast with that of 7 or 8 out-of 10 angry White guys in America?

I understand what treacherous water’s Newton’s had to navigate, the man-made obstacles he’s had to manipulate.

I know this kid, nor his parents have never had the power and resources to dictate any real element of their lives – they, like you and I were born “little people,” card carrying members of the unwashed masses.

Despite the individual moves we plot n’ plan – those “Action Jackson” moves are made within the limitations of being a poor person-of-color in a rich White man’s well orchestrated world.

There’s a good chance he purchased a stolen laptop while at Florida, which is what he was charged with.

There’s also a damn good chance, in his quest for the NFL, Newton academically cheated; if he’s anything like most of his mildly educated Afro-American peers – he’s failed to realize the importance of the classroom.

And he’s been pushed along by a public education system which tragically keeps kids in the seats to meet payroll funding, a system which prepares most Black and Brown males for either Wal-Mart, San Quentin or Boot Hill -but not college.

Did Newton’s everyday working class parents accept money from sports pimps who troll the waters, do the heavy lifting for institutions of higher education??

Very possible, not outside the realm of possibilities because; “buying” gladiators is an industry standard – has been, and will remain so.

Yeah, I think two hard working folks who grow/luck upon an asset, a son who appears to have sinister skills, worth gazillions of dollars . . . somewhere down-the-road, around-the-corner – they’ve enough common-sense and perceived financial need . . . to go to the highest bidder.

That’s the role of a smart, informed player in this game, no?

We should be anal-examining the bidders, the front-men for university administrators and investors, the grand pooh pahs who orchestrate “for-obscene profit” colleges, “using” Black football and basketball players to raise millions to keep growing the college, keep overcharging middle class White students, under-paying middle class White professors, and underpaying brown illegal immigrants from “Planet Mexico” to keep green the Ivy growing on the walls.

And to paint those walls and cut the grass . . . for less then “real Americans” will. Turn that upside down and inside out – its ‘ Capitalism 201 . . . .

The Reverend Newton stuck his hand out, not merely because he’s a preacher, and it’s apart of the hustle, but because that’s how colleges, alumni fatcats operate their chessboard; they “woo” a lot of “willing” poor kids from the sticks, the hood, the farm with what these elitist SOB’s regard as “chump change.”

The hallowed academic hall’s of these universities pinch-their-noses to the lowering of academic standards – turn a blind eye and deaf ear and allow these Mandingo’s to enroll, to roam the dormitory halls at 3 o’clock . . in the AM – satisfying some Tea Party member’s little girls curiosity and desires . . .

while they’re generating millions and millions of dollars for the university of Anywhere USA.

Scary uh? Many-a father’s nightmare.

The entire collegiate operation is only abiding by the “all that which glitters . . is good and gold” creed The NCAA is imitating the Wall Street fat-cats, exhibiting the identical “corporate” morals and values of Washington’s professional political pimps – setting goals and standards only conducive to the “financial bottom line” – endless profits for the investors. . .

. adhering to the “GOP Golden Rule” – God is money, money is god.

Call me cynical, maybe moral-less if you will, but I submit the Newton’s understood the value of their son – the real gazillions his success would generate for any institution of higher learning he “worked” for, and in light of that dark light – they decided they’d get paid, compensated for his blood, sweat and tears beyond, far beyond “just” a collegiate/corporate sheep-skin which guarantee’s what, an unemployment check?

That only seems obvious, fair and logical.

It’s just against the laws/monopoly constructed by the Ivy League aristocrats across the nation, and backed by professional political pimps who’ll either support or look the other way for season tickets, NCAA Final Four front row seats . . . .

Ponder this point my friend, your brother-in-law and co-worker, the average Fred and Wilma were sold-out by both political parties when it came to the bankruptcy laws these diabolical civil servants laid out – in an effort to screw ya’ comin’ n’ screw you goin.’

So what are the high n’ all-so-mighty sportswriters of America accusing the Newtons’ of? Insulting the integrity of the NCAA prostitution ring?

Perhaps breaking anti-trust/racketeering laws constructed when? And by who? Willingly agreed upon and backed by who – the power-elite alumni?

The NFL owners – Plantation owners who pimp and exploit a college game which serves as a “for-free” minor league farm system for them to pick from?

It seems the only pawn not being fairly compensated in this odd and peculiar “gaming business” relationship is the player – who tends to be mildly formally educated, working-class and Black – the perfect pigeon.

Think 1954, the sport of boxing, the music industry, any-industry – the average man is being robbed, not by a guy in a mask, but a guy in a pin-stripe suit, alligator skin wing-tips, degrees, certificates – country club credentials which lend credibility to . . . well dressed, well spoken , well educated crooks.

It’ll take a whole hell-of-a-lot of “looking beyond” and compartmentalizing for the most powerful court in all the land, the court-of-public opinion to bestow college football’s most prestigious award, the Heisman, yes slash one more time/Golden Boy trophy upon the shoulder’s of another “imperfect” Black man-child who’s demonstrated he’s no model negro, no Jackie Robinson – he can”t be taken out of the hood, the “gangster” mentality is embedded in his brain . . . is that a “wonder” for some?


I’m only telling you what’s being stated in sports bars, backyard bar-b-ques, barbershops and sport’s media website boards across this nation.

This sports soap-Oprah , like most elements of life in America – is not void of “race” – there are those who desire this kid fail, not so the “integrity” of college football is preserved, not because they hate Auburn . . .

But because he’s a Black alpha male who defied the odds strategically stacked against him, survived, apparently now thriving . . . and that makes millions of angry White folks even more angry.