Sinister Syllogisms (Part 2)

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: November 29, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (BASN)If I’m continuing this discourse, then it’s because there’s more cerebral cud – to chew on.

Failure to Communicate

The tension between Tennessee Titans‘ QB Vince Young and his head coach, Jeff Fisher, came to a boil last week in a game against Washington. Young, who injured his throwing hand, left the game, then after having the hand tended to, was not put back in.

Third stringer Rusty Smith finished the game, which ended in a 19-16 overtime loss to Washington. The result led to a post-game blowup, as Young, who said he was O.K. and could go back in, was benched because Fisher revealed that Young (paraphrasing) didn’t “go to him to let him know he wanted back in.”

Excuse me – you’re the coach; and you’re telling me that with Young right there on the sideline, you can’t go to him and ask him if he’s good to go?

If you dislike Young that much (or if you believe it’s beneath you to ask), then why couldn’t you ask or get word from the QB coach or the offensive coordinator as to Young’s status?

Moreover, Young got into it with Fisher’s postgame, throwing his jersey into the stands in obvious frustration over his situation, telling Fisher to his face that (paraphrasing) he wasn’t “walking out on the team – he was walking out on him.”

And that “situation” has existed ever since Young was selected by Tennessee third overall in the 2006 Draft.

In spite of a career which thus far includes an Offensive Rookie of the Year selection, two Pro Bowl selections, a playoff victory and a 30-18 record as a starting QB, Fisher has never been happy with team owner Bud Adams’ choosing Young.

This culminated in Fisher’s selection of Kerry Collins as the Titans’ starter last year. Collins, who supposedly beat out Young as starter, went 0-6 as Tennessee fumbled away a magnificent effort by tailback Chris Johnson.

It took the intervention of Adams to force Fisher to insert Young as the starter; and all Young did was go 8-2 – and barely miss the playoffs.

When Adams was fined $100K by the league for flippin’ the bird after Young led the Titans to a victory, it was never determined as to whether the object of his scorn was the opposing team’s fans – or his head coach.

When Young left the Washington game, he was 12 of 16 passing and had thrown for a touchdown. His current passer rating of 98.6 is a personal best, and it was never mentioned Young was already playing with an injury – what the fuck else do you want the man to do?

The other supposed marquee QB selections in that same Draft, Matt Leinart (W-L record 7-10) and Jay Cutler (W-L record 24-29), have inferior careers in comparison to Young, yet all the mainstream muff divers would have you believe Young is the one in need of instruction.

Now sloppy seconds of derision re Young are doled out by The Mouse and their designated vermin, as professional scrubs like Trent Dilfer and Tim Hasselbeck implying Young is mentally unfit to be an NFL quarterback.

My colleague Tony McClean elaborated on this on the internet radio show “The Batchelor Pad” before the Fisher/Young shit had escalated. “I think Jeff Fisher has gone out of his way to paint a picture to think Vince Young is crazy,” said McClean.

“I think it was he who initiated the whole “suicide watch” issue that got blown up with the phone call or no way of contacting Vince and the stupid ESPN piece that followed after some very sloppy journalism.

But while I know Young isn’t crazy, I do question why the hell he would continuously indulge the media vultures who are picking at his carcass?”

I agree. If Vince Young knows who keeps fucking with him and why they’re doing it, then why does he give these muthafuckas “exclusives”? Not W…not X…why?

So, after commercials, we’re back to the latest installment of the soap opera, “The Young and the Gutless.” After a couple days, Young texts an apology for his behavior to Fisher after Adams says in an interview that the two of them will just have to get along because he has no desire to trade or release Young – and the $14 million he expects to collect.

Fisher’s response to Young was that he didn’t accept the apology; then went on to say that “face-to-face is a man thing.”

Well, if face-to-face is a man thing Fisher, then why did your bitch-ass send an assistant to tell Young he wasn’t to attend any team meetings?

If face-to-face is a man thing, why didn’t you endeavor to handle this in-house and behind closed doors instead trying to Gaslight (kiddies, ask your grandparents about that one) Young’s Black ass and deliberately put shit out on Front Street?

And if face-to-face really is a man thing, let’s come back where we started: why the fuck didn’t you just ask Vince if he was good to go, you scumbag muthafucka?

What we have here – is a failure to communicate.

What we also have is a failure of an overrated head coach living off of one Super Bowl appearance.

In 17 seasons, Fisher has had six winning seasons – six.

In spite of the drama and out-and-out efforts to cut Young’s career off at the nuts, Young has a higher win percentage as an NFL QB (60%) than Fisher does as a head coach (54%)

If you don’t like or respect someone, then you should at least have the guts to say so to his face; now that’s a man-thing…

More to come…