Redemption and Re-invention

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 17, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — On Monday night, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had a game that even Madden Live of any year probably couldn’t produce.

Vick virtually (pun intended) tantalized the Washington Redskins as if he had an ax to grind. Perhaps he did in a quiet sort of way; let us not forget, the Redskins are the team that knocked Vick out of commission for nearly a month during their first encounter in Philadelphia.

Vick went for a PlayStation like: 333 passing yards with four TDs. He rushed for 80 yards on 10 carries and scored two touchdowns. He had not interceptions and the scary part is he only really played three quarters as the Eagles went Oregon Ducks.

His jersey is going to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

What should be duly noted is that this is only the fifth start for Vick since he was released from prison 18 months ago. And going into this season, head coach Andy Reid had Kevin Kolb as his starting quarterback.

Vick by all accounts was cool to that idea. Sure he would’ve preferred starting, what competitive athlete wouldn’t have? But Vick wasn’t one to rock the boat for a team that gave him his one and only chance.

The gamble by the Eagles seems to have paid off in ways that weren’t even thought of several months back. Most pundits had written off Vick and with good reason.

No not because of the heinous dog crimes but when Vick was a franchise quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons being a pocket passing quarterback wasn’t in his repertoire.

Vick would run the daylights out of the ball, in fact one season he rushed for over 1000 yards which is more than any other quarterback in the history of the NFL. So with his superb running ability and entertainment stock and the lack of true quarterbacking acumen passing was an afterthought.

Vick is a true example of the redemption prowess of the human spirit.

What’s meant by this is; you take a person that was literally and figuratively one of the most marketable and my dynamic players in the League, at the top of his game in so many ways and in one fell swoop it all crashes down.

He lost millions, lost even a few real and fake friends, lost his freedom as he did jail time, and lost his reputation and became a pariah. It’s not easy to go from sugar to cyanide poison and survive let alone thrive.

But, what Vick made himself out to be was a better person, a better player as he’s become a true quarterback that throws first and runs second and from what’s seen, a better man.

Make no mistake the dog fighting was a bad thing, especially to animal lovers and dog lovers and owners alike. But for all those that still turn their noses up at animal cruelty, not many of those folk squawk at the biting of a hot dog and the chomping down on a fine piece of steak or a pork chop with all the trimmings; and those products come from cows and pigs respectively.

Vick thankfully didn’t kill a human.

In the end, this is a country of second chances and just like the Josh Hamilton’s, Michael Vick’s, Muhammad Ali’s just to name a few scattered few deserved a second chance.

Vick will serve as an inspiration from this day forward to a lot of African American men that had talent and became distracted, got in trouble and have to reinvent themselves.

He may just even win the League MVP award over a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning type of player. But, if he didn’t win he’s a lock for the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year Award and that can be used on and off of the playing field.