Don’t Expect Any Lines on this

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: November 20, 2010

NEW YORK — There wasn’t any NCAA football betting lines in the Alabama vs. Georgia State game this Thursday night.

Everybody knew that Georgia State had no shot against Alabama on Thursday night, and that most NCAAF betting handicappers probably won’t be able to even wager on the game, but the Alabama vs. Georgia State game is still an interesting one to consider watching because ‘Bama has a huge game against Auburn in a couple of weeks.

RB Mark Ingram’s cutting ability – - The word is out that Trent Richardson might not be ready to play this Thursday versus the Panthers. If that’s the case, then football handicappers should definitely take a look to see how Ingram is cutting with the football to decipher what will be fair and not so fair in regards to the lines on college football bettors are likely to see in next week’s Auburn game.

If Ingram is showing the cutting ability that he’s shown in flashes this year and almost all of last season, then the Tide might be able to lean on Mark for the entire Auburn game, but if he doesn’t, and Richardson is hurt next Saturday, then the Tide might have to lean on Greg McElroy and the passing game.

You don’t want to have to lean on your passing game, in my opinion, when facing Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers.

Spacing in Alabama’s D – - This is a huge thing to watch for in Thursday night’s game. Forget about how quickly ‘Bama’s D closes the gaps on Georgia State’s wide receivers and running backs.

‘Bama is going to look quick on defense no matter what because of whom they are playing, but the key to success against Auburn is being able to contain QB Cam Newton. If ‘Bama’s D can do that, then they might upset the Tiger’s in the Iron Bowl.

What is the amount of space between defenders when Georgia State attempts a pass play? Are the defenders too far apart or are they too close together? Is ‘Bama playing a man-to-man or zone defense?

Speed that ‘Bama plays on offense – - How fast are the Crimson Tide playing on offense? Coach Nick Saban isn’t going to just show up and have his fellas cream the Georgia State Panthers for no reason. There will be a lot of plays called to see how they might work against Auburn’s sieve like defense.

If ‘Bama is “playing fast” on Thursday night, then rest assured that the lines on college football odds makers will create a wagering line in the Iron Bowl with a huge total. If ‘Bama sticks to their run game, then expect a smaller than expected total next Saturday.

Sure, it’s not as fun as having money on the game but paying attention to Alabama’s contest versus Georgia State this Thursday could really lead football handicappers towards what sort of lines on college football they might see in the Iron Bowl.

Being able to predict college football betting lines is always a good thing.