Dancing with a Double Standard

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 30, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — We all know there is a double standard in this society.

I guess that’s why regardless of education, evidence, circumstance, or situation, my Grandma with her hands on her hips and a toothpick hanging out of her mouth always told me, “Boy, we must be twice as good as them and sometimes even three times better than them in order to make it in this world.”

Those are words all of us have heard before, especially coming from our elders. But most of us, however, have failed to pass this same old school philosophy down to our children and to our children’s children.

Because according to a recent study of 12 large public school districts by Applied Research, a racial justice think tank, “Black students in public schools across the country are far more likely than whites to be suspended or expelled, and far less likely to be in gifted or advanced placement classes.

During a recent discussion on ESPN’s “1st and Ten” sports talk show, reporter Chris Broussard addressed the issue of the double standard between Blacks and whites in the world of sports.

“I think it is an accepted fact, America is more tolerant and more lenient toward white people in terms of their behavior than toward Black people.” said Broussard.

“Look at sports, in hockey, refs just stand there and watch you fight. In baseball, there is a bench clearing brawl, there’s no trouble. In NASCAR, look at how their behaving.”

“You know, getting into fights….In basketball, if you step off the bench with a frown on your face….We got to do something to keep it all under control…..That’s an obvious double standard.”Broussard explained.

Broussard was absolutely correct with his analogy. Because despite what other people say, there is definitely a double standards.

Just consider, in 2008, when former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, was discovered to be pregnant during John McCain’s run for the presidency, the Conservative Party did not say a word. They were speechless.

They just sat there and stared into out of space with their arms folded.

Even Mr. “No-Spin Zone” Bill O’Reilly criticized actress Jennifer Aniston over comments she made regarding single mothers-that women did not need men to become moms- in which he called her opinons “destructive to our society.”

But over time, those same self-righteous right-wing Christians started applauding Bristol Palin’s courage to have a baby out of wedlock. Yes, Bristol’s refusal to get married and to remain a single mother was rewarded.

And now, she has become the champion for other teenage mothers. Why?

Because the spin doctors, political P.R. people, eventually, made Bristol’s pregnancy a political stance against abortion. As a result, the Candie’s Foundation, an organization dedicated to preventing teen pregnancy through abstinence, made Bristol their teen ambassador.

As a result, Bristol ended up participating in a public service announcement during “Dancing With the Stars” promoting safe-sex with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of MTV’s New Jersey Shore, who whipped out a pack of “Magnum-size” condoms at the end of the commercial.

But come you imagine, if the roles were reversed, would these same Conservative pundits have the same positive opinions or spin if one of President Obama’s daughters (if they were teenagers) were discovered to be pregnant during his political campaign.

Could you have imagine the wrath the Obamas would encounter if one of their daughters participated in a safe-sex ad with R & B singer Chris Brown, who evidently nonchalantly pulled out a pack of “Magnum-size condoms” at the end of the commercial.

White America would have lost their minds.

Why? Because “white America” has never been comfortable with Black people expressing their sexuality, especially on television. As a result, they would have demonized those little Black girls.

They would have showed stat after stat that 70% of Black children are born out of wedlock. They would have talked about how all of these no-good Black men are “dead beat” dads and refuse to take care of their own children?

They would have said America was now a welfare state. They would have said, America was on the brink of an economic collapse due to all of these single Black women having babies?

They would have even foolishly said, “How can Mister Obama run the country, when he can’t even run his own house?” Really? Could you imagine the outrage?

Could you imagine what Fox News would have said if one of President Obama’s daughters’ “baby daddy” acted as “stupidly” as Levi Johnson? Let’s not forget, Johnson does not even have a high school diploma?

Honestly, what would have been the reaction if Levi Johnson was a young Black male from the South-side Chicago, who dropped out of high school and decided to pose nude for Playboy magazine?

Really? Could you envision if Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson were Black? Somebody would have definitely called Social Service by now to come get that “poor” child.

If Bristol and Levi were Black, Sean Hannity would be yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs every night that American civilization was being destroyed by the Obamas.

Fox News, I thought this was the “No Spin Zone.”

But for some odd reason, the Tea Baggers have rallied around the Palins and made them “America’s new beloved family.”They have even gone onto celebrate Brisol’s single-motherhood while voting for her on Dancing with the Stars as she slowly twirls and gyrates off beat for the cameras.

(Sorry Brandy, there is no need to cry)

Please don’t misinterpret my criticism, I applaud the Palins for supporting their daughter. And I find nothing wrong with Bristol participating on the show. I, personally, love the art of dance.

But I think, the members of the Tea party are showing their “constitutional” hypocrisy and an obvious double standard when they continue to vote for Bristol.

Because could you picture First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama sitting in the front row of Dancing with the Stars, smiling and clapping while one of their lovely daughters shook and shimmed their “butts” in a short dress while putting on a Gorilla suit on television for all the world to see.

These “backwoods holy-rollers” and “fire and brimstone believers” would have lost their minds and started burning Korans. They would have went “ape crazy.” They would have “turned up” their noses in disgust and called the President’s daughters “hoochie mommas and a disgrace to the country”

They would have said that they (the Obamas) were an embarrassment to the Constitution and the finding fathers?They would have objected to them being the “first family” of the country? They would have questioned their religion?

They would have questioned their parenting skills while yelling “We want our country back!!!”

As you can see, there is definitely a double standard in Bristol Palin’s new found fame. But I’m not going to shoot the television with a double barrel shot gun like Wisconsin’s Steven Cowan.

Really, it’s not that serious.

Besides, we all know, if Donovan McNabb or better yet Michael Vick were accused of sexual misconduct (a nice word for rape) like Ben Roethlisberger or Brett Favre, who allegedly texted pictures of his penis to a former female employer of the New York Jets, there would have been some Hell to pay?

Because if Vick or McNabb had done any of those depictable acts, there would be at least 30 police officers involved, guns drawn, the FBI called into investigate, and somebody would have left the building in handcuffs like Plaxico Burress.

And ended up in Rikers Island for at least three years. (Honestly, could somebody please tell me why the FBI has been called in the Cam Netwon scandal? )

Despite all of this double-dealing, I guess my Grandma knew what she was talking about when she said, “Boy, we must be twice as good as them and sometimes even three times better than them in order to make it in this world.”

But don’t be offended by this double standard, however, because we as Black people are the Mothers and Fathers of Civilization so more is expected out of all of us. Besides, we did civilized the world.

Check your history.