Changing The Game??

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 18, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — They say that ‘it’s sometimes better to be lucky than good.’ Well, in the Knicks’case they may not be either.

At press time, the Knicks had just snapped a six-game losing streak Wednesday while sporting a 4-8 record following a 113-106 road win against the Sacramento Kings, who themselves have lost six straight.

The Knicks need to find a way to alter their team strategy. You know what they say about the definition of insanity. Now, we’re not calling Coach Mike D’Antoni crazy but his stubbornness will not win him any awards nor will it garner him long term job security.

Put it this way, if the team keeps going in the direction that it’s actually heading in, Utah Coach Jerry Sloan won’t have any thing to worry about.

All of the highly successful teams are teaching, preaching and boasting about what they’re doing and or striving to do on the defensive end. And they’re taking extreme pride in it.

You can even take new head coach and former Knicks No. 1 Monty Williams and his philosophy about defense; he’s taking it so serious that he’s practically benched super second year man, Marcus Thornton because he’s not playing well enough on the defensive end.

It’s a bad thing when the prevailing thought around the league is no matter how big the lead is the Knicks may have; they will falter down the stretch because they don’t D up.

With a reputation like that the refs will most often times not give you that the benefit of doubt on close calls when aggressive play is overlooked late in the fourth quarter. The team has talent.

There are skilled players on the team. But with the propensity for chucking up 3’s and not always running as hard or consistently as this offense calls for, ugly basketball can be in the offing.

No one really wants to see anyone lose their job but, fans are fans and players are such, players so when losses mount and the coach tune out factor creeps in a replacement at the top is the next step.

D’Antoni needs to become a bit more flexible in his coaching style; not just based on talent but on the culture of where you’re coaching. New York is a broad shoulder, smash mouth type of town.

The chants of “De-fense!” is a rallying cry for the Garden faithful, not “Of-fense!” Late in a game when the game is close and there’s a major stop on the defensive end or a momentum saving block the raucousness of the crowd is probably louder than if there was a dunk made.

It’s still early and this is a brand new team, albeit not the team that Knicks brass envisioned when they decided to the massively dump to rebuild. It’s up to all: the coach, the players and management to tweet here and there to make things better.

Let the countdown begin.