Where Is Serena??

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 5, 2010

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — It has now been a couple of months since Serena Williams announced that she had stepped on glass at a night club and would need surgery on her foot.

What has emerged since then,in viewing new pictures of Serena appears to be cosmetic work on her face and specifically her nose and eyes.

We have heard nothing about the supposed surgery on her face and noticed that she seemed to be walking well at the Open, a full month ago.

AOL first pointed out Monday a question which has been on the tips of a lot of our tongues. Where was the indignation by Serena directed at the dimly lighted night club?

Serena in the past has shown the ability to be indignant, especially when it came to an official at the Open last year in her loss to eventual winner Kim Clijsters.

Williams, at the Open in interviews appeared to laugh more about the European incident then look for answers as to why it happened.

Apparently there have been no court filings with respect to a personal injury suit by Williams. These are not ordinary feet, but feet that stand to make her a fortune by assisting her in winning tennis tournaments.

There is no bigger prize than the Open and she did not play in the Open. She apparently has no plans to play anytime soon. Serena does not owe us any explanations.

But she does have an adoring public, especially in this country that is now starting to look for answers as to exactly what happened during that Summer night, why Serena really dropped out of the Open and why Serena is seemingly not playing in any more 2010 events.

Many in 2010 and before the Open questioned Serena’s work ethic and felt that she was spread too thin with outside endeavors to win tournaments, despite her enormous talent.

Perhaps we will have to wait until the Australian Open in January to get answers to many of the aforesaid questions or perhaps we will never get answers. We may never know if Serena actually did step on a piece of glass and may never know why she did not play at the Open.

We can only hope that she will be back soon as women’s tennis certainly needs her.