Straight No Chaser: The ‘Tommy’ Gun

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 5, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — If Tom Tancredo’s elected Governor of the great state of Colorado . . . and at this point, he very-well may be . . . it won’t be that great of a state any longer.

It’ll become, over-night a battlefield between those angry “real Americans” who’re bound n’ determined to return “their” country to yesteryear, 1952, to a land time and progress forgot – back, back . . . to an era when signs on walls stated . . . No Dogs/No Mexicans . . . pitted against everybody else.

My thought is; after these angry “patriots” come for the “illegal aliens” how long before they come for who they also believe to not really be Americans; the Niggers, rag-heads, towel-heads, Sand-Niggers, Red-Niggers, Yellow-Niggers . . . all the subjects of Redneck’s terms-of-endearment.

From the lips of Tancredo characterizing President Barack Obama; “…the greatest threat to the United States today, the greatest threat to our liberty, the greatest threat to the Constitution of the United States, the greatest threat to our way of life; everything we believe in. The greatest threat to the country that our founding fathers put together is the man that’s sitting in the White House today.” Surely I’m reading way too much into Tancredo breaking bread with Confederate Flag waving Johnny Reb’s while down below the Mason-Dixon line while hustling to secure funding for his little revolution . . .

I’m taking Tom’s whole Barack Obama won because of “people who could not even spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English” to some liberal fanatical extreme . . . and of course Tamncredo’s proposal of a civics literacy test as a prerequisite to voting is not nearly as omnious and odious as it smells.

I’m always happy when people-of-color . . . smell a rat, only to have the rats tell us – we’re mistaken, and what’s really wrong with the big black/white picture is; people-of-color are paranoid, weak, searching for excuses to mask our inherent inferiority.

Gee, thanks for setting us straight.

Yet another humble thought; sportsfans of the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets Avalanche or U of Colorado Buffaloes, as a sportsmen or sportswoman – who supports Colorado’s sports teams, or as a outdoors person who partakes in Colorado’s many recreational activities – you should recalculate your travel plans if you don’t wish to spend your hard-earned dollars to underwrite a state whose voting-age population, statewide, will have placed in-office an individual who sees the nation, the world the way a racist, sexist and elitist bastard like Tom Tancredo does.

The hypocrisy and duplicity lies in the reality this nation puts out the “Help Wanted” sign right in front of the “No Trespassing” sign.

The rank n’ file Rednecks don’t have enough power to unseat the fatcats who govern their party, and that’s partially do to the “all that glitters is gold” syndrome which predominates the American landscape.

The “keeping up with the Jones'” is an ingrained characteristic of this nation – with that center-piece in our little minds enabling us to value, to prize those who’ve money.

Rich people are better then poor people . . . Right.

It’s really does not matter “how” you get money, as long as you get it. And if you’ve got money .

. . well honey, you aint ever going to be lonely.

Tancredo could, and should, if he wants to actually halt illegal immigration, if it were only about branding people as aliens from Planet Mexico because of their economic impact on the state budget and services, then that’s where they’d cut this off at.

But no, Tancredo’s war against these folks has as much to do with WASP paranoia and insecurities – the dreaded” Browning-of-America” as it does anything.

These brown people aren’t seeking to accommodate mainstream USA by assimilating overnight. They’re determined to keep their inferior, decadent culture . . . and that’s an insult and affront to America’s conservative core, who’re “comfortable’ going door-to-door, dragging grandma and sister out in chains, tossing them on a South-bound Greyhound.

I’m not.

Listen to AM hate radio in your town, the Tea Party Tupperware party which takes place all-day everyday across radio-land highlights the hate held for . . . everybody who isn’t a disciple of Beck, Rush, Savage, or Hannity. If you’re not walking lock n’ step with the militia and Me-nut Men, well then you’re merely a “nigger-loving-spic-harboring commie-pinko-bastard.”

If you’re considering coming to Colorado this upcoming holiday season to ski or catch a few Rocky Mountain Trout – go on the Internet, listen to 850 KOA, the official voice of the NFL’s Broncos, their sister station 630 KNUS or 710 KNUS . . .

Listen to the local guys; Mike “Bush’s Brownie” Brown, Peter Boyles or Dan Caplis; every-single-day they throw enough hate on-the-fire they’re forced to hang-up and cut-off the hate-filled followers they attract . . . the Conservative base, i.e., angry White people.

They’re preaching reclamation/revolution/race-wars . . . treason, yeah, all that n’ mo’.

After a couple of weeks of listening to the base of the Colorado’s Rednecks/Republican Tea Party vent, you won’t want to spend a wooden nickle or a god damn dime in Colorado underwriting what most regard as pure, uncut hate.