Straight No Chaser: The Moss Effect

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 8, 2010
DENVER (BASN) — Do you remember North Dallas Forty? When you peel away the superficial surface, professional football is a business, and like any business, it’s all about “profitability.”
Now, if you can remain profitable, and rid yourself of disgruntled always aging workers – specifically an over-paid, long-haired, leaping-over parked cars 6-feet-2 Nome . . . then its a no brainer.
Now, if you’re a mastermind genius, with “Little Guy” syndrome, like a Bill Belichick, and believe themselves to be equipped with so-much gridiron intelligence– they can ship-off the foundation of their squads, Graham, Harrison, Vrable, Seymore . . . the cornerstones, and merely plug another body into their blue-print – and the structure will remain strong.
We shall see.
At the end of the day, Randy Moss is a well-paid gladiator, and like most gladiators, he hails from the depths of American society, a poor Black boy, straight out of the rural South, the descendant of share croppers, field hands . . . slaves.
His athletic skills and tools . . . making him more moo-lah than 99% of his non-physically gifted civilian “peers,” nevertheless, he’s being “purchased,” bought n’ sold like a performing gladiator – who’s what? 3 generations removed from slavery?
Someone Black is going to make that point, and virtually every White dude, from Alaska to Nebraska, Fargo to Key Largo . . . their heads are going to spin like Linda Blair in “the Exorcist.”
From Austin to Boston . . .
The Black athlete is suppose to feel so-very grateful the game provided him with an avenue out of the ghetto, that he should never, ever “negotiate, barter, bargain or bicker” with ownership, but rather “take what is given them.”
Now granted, this is an American capitalist perspective in-which the upper classes continually try to impose upon workers this trickle down theory; that you, within the economic equation, as a worker, a human commodity or service performer, really have no real value without the owner, who provides you with a venue, a platform to perform and make millions.
It seems both labor and management “need” each other, they’re co-dependents, requiring each other to function, however, the NFL’s current round-table of owners regard “labor” or say the “living n’ breathing product” no differently then AT n’ T, IBM, ABC, ESPN . . . go down the alpha-bet, across all industries and its crystal clear corporations have no loyalty to their employees, the nation they do their biz-ness in, nor their customer base; they are in business to make money, for the owners, the investors . . . by any means or methods.
Fred n’ Barney – worker bees, well-understand that those who break their backs no longer even get the gold time-piece after half-a-century of making Mr. Slate fat n’ happy.

Management, ownership has calculated that labor, the players are both expendable and interchangeable – so players are treated as . . . property. That offends folks, specifically people who understand they are but 3 or 4 generations away from “chattel” status, so the complete process can, at times, be insulting and belittling to those who actually do the work, get their hands dirty.

One monkey don’t stop no show. . . now you don’t forget, a number of NFL barons are personal friends of Rush Limbaugh . . .so one monkey don’t stop no show.

Don’t take my word on this; Dig what Terrell Owens had to offer
“Trust me, I know (Tom) Brady is a great quarterback,” he said, “but if you look at the numbers that he’s put up with Randy, they’re very impressive. I think a lot guys should look at this from a standpoint that it is a business. You have go out there and do whatever you can for your family and yourself. Because when it comes to management and owners, they don’t care about you. That right there showed that they feel you’re expendable.

“It’s mind-boggling. It’s disappointing for Randy to be traded at this point in his career and not be able to have a big payday. Look at Brady. Brady just had a payday and a lot of the numbers he’s put up is because of Randy.”

TO’s describing “naked capitalism.”

Envision Don King, in a tight male bikini Speedo, his man-breast nipples capped with those little wind-mills. . . holding a pigskin. Unpleasant sight, right?
The visual makes you “uncomfortable” – hopefully, almost enough to make you gag – because how King sees “doing business,” is exactly how the NFL plantation owners see it, how Rush Limbaugh sees it. It’s called unbridled, unchecked cutthroat capitalism.
Now lets pack-up, pick-up and move-on . . . ain’t none of this ever going to change.
Ebony n’ Ivory . . . Farve and Moss . . . perhaps these two “October-Fest” male-debutantes are in a position where they can show folks how Black n’ White can work together.
Yeah, its that corny, but symbolism is big baby, big, big, big, bigger than many want to accept. And in a nation which is split racially, where the election of a Black man to the highest office in all-the-land, hell, a bi-racial man, with a Muslim name – has motivated n’ mobilized most, yes most, of White America to loose their potato-pickin’ mind.
If these two prima-donnas can co-habitat, relate, prosper, win, achieve, as a team -together, each , accomplishing more . . . then perhaps as a nation of mildly educated, slightly enlightened dumb-asses – we too can live together.
Timmy Thomas sing . . . why can’t we live together?
I seriously think, these two characters, Randy and Bret, a Redneck and a Brother with an Foster Sylvers/ El Debarge Blown -out afro can illustrate to a nation – we’ve got much more in-common then we do polar-opposite.

We all want a better tomorrow for our children, we all want peace, stability, prosperity and an opportunity to grow, go, do, explore, see the country, live life.

All our innards, our parts “fit;” they can take a black woman’s kidney and put it in a White man’s body, and vice versa, and, if you place a Black penis in a White vagina . . . bing, bang – you’ve got a another life . . . what the . . . . ? We’re all one, connected, despite if we like it or not!
If Farve and Randy can get to the big shin-dig down in Dallas, if Randy has 24 TDs over the remainder of the season . . . if the Mississippi Kid can reload, dig down and come out firing like the gunslinger he is . . . these two cats could put on a show, rewrite the record books. Adrian Peterson should break-out now with the D-backs concerned with the aerial attack that could be waged, Percy, Sidney, Shiancoe. . . . Moss.
Randy’s got 3-5 more years left in him, and Brett could, like the late great Raider, George Blanda, play well into his late 40’s.
But it’s the message, the Black n’ White working together thing, that Kodak moment this nation so drastically needs to heed, before it’s too late. Recall how the NFL started racially mixing their players while on the road, rooming them with players of a different race (i.e., Gale Sayers/ Brian Piccolo,)
The NFL was trying to set an example of what was possible, maybe the league can do the same thing today, in 2010, since we’re not as colorblind as some claim this land of immigrants is.