Straight No Chaser: The Magic Touch

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 22, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — If Magic Johnson can pull a Ram, Jaguar or even a full grown Viking out of his hat . . . bring a NFL plantation back to the land of Fruits n’ Nuts, it will be a display of Black Power at work.

I will not only marvel at his ability to make it happen – the symbolic meaning and racial-relevance of the purchase, the historical milestone it will be – but I’ll fantasize about what kind of progress this might mean.

A successful, profitable franchise where players, coaches, staff and front-office personnel will be judged by their capabilities, knowledge and expertise . . . their content, not the color of their skin.

For judging people by the color of their skin – must be an unspoken-rule in the NFL; How else would one explain the void in the numbers of Black Head Coaches, and coordinators on both sides of the pigskin, front offices which look like BYU or Tea Party administrative offices, and the pathetically low number of Black signal callers – and the notable heat/hate they’re the recipients of. . . .

Might Magic weigh n’ measure men and women by their ability to “make it do what it do baby” – as opposed to the traditional American way of doing business – judging a book, a man, a women, by their skin cover.

What high-lite reel performances might you get out of ballers if they’ve one less thing to contemplate – say a black QB; I well understand I only get one token shot at this, if I don’t light the house on fire, or if I get hurt . . . it won’t be but a moment before White sportswriters and fans will be demanding Kevin Kolb, Kerry Collins, Russ Grossman or Trent Edwards be brought in to execute the playbook.

Execute the playbook . . . that’s why Ron Jaworski believes, down in his guts, Kolb should now start . . . because he’s executing the playbook.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Yes, I want a Afro-American to own and operate an NFL franchise, perhaps run it a little less like a gladiator stable manned with million dollar former-slaves . . . (that light’s a fire under the behinds of good ol’ boys when anyone connects today’s athletes with slaves – sorry, but guys making four hundred grand for four years, compared n’ contrasted with a guy worth 7 billion today . . . and 11 billion in four years – well yeah, that’s a landlord/landless relationship) and a little more like a organization where diversity, inclusion and tolerance is a tone set from the top-down.

This might create a team where the coaching staff does resemble the players. where the team cheerleaders have a

I’d submit this peculiar relationship is a situation the league establishment is ‘comfortable” with – it is the league norm, and it’s not by happenstance.

No, it’s because of the politically/socially/economically conservative cultural which predominates the NFL owner round-table.

With a few being a personal homeboys of Rush Limbaugh . . . eagerly inviting the pompous, racist, sexist, elitist ass into their stadium penthouses to break bread, sip-a-little Bourbon and watch the owner’s human property – his “boys,” his barbarians, savages – do battle with another NFL aristocrat’s gladiators. it’s a given my friend that more then a few owners are much more then reservations allowing Black men to run his operation.

I don’t believe Magic will be inviting Rush to his new team’s first game in LA to sit in the lux-box.

And if you think about it; Johnson’s likely accumulation of Black notables to partner with him, as well as a few liberal minded WASP fat-cats – such a rainbow collaboration will incite the NFL country club that is the leagues ownership. They’ll deem it as these people not “knowing their assigned sub-servant place.”


Honestly, noting the times we are a-livin’ in, where white men appear to be going -stark-crazy-mad almost because a Black man has painted the White House Black, and the upcoming holiday menu has deep-fried Turkey for Thanksgiving – no pig, and Chitterlings n’ Black-Eyed Peas on New Years – this changing-of- the-guard, this “new day” in White America is a Black one for many – because the thought of “equality and fairness” is one US History 101 tells us . . . is not the “American way.”

If Magic can display “Black Power” for all to see, make this monumental sports move, shake the pillars of gridiron power, everybody won’t be smiling.

The same way they weren’t grinning when Jackie broke the Color-line, nor very happy when Jack Johnson destroyed all those Great White Hopes . . . or when Obama was elected President of these White folk’s so -called United States, there’ll be scores and scores of conservative Caucasians who will question, ridicule and demean this purchase . . . because its Black Power at work and that is something this nation deeply resents.