Straight No Chaser: The ‘Dark’ Side

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 12, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — To whom much is given . . . much is asked.
Brett Favre was “given” iconic status in the US sports world .

. . awarded it from the fans, the league itself and the sports-writers of America – because of “who’ and “what” the gun-slingin’ field general represents – White guys . . . Dennis The Menace all-grown-up. Opie Taylor . . .

with an attitude.

Brett’s the kind of guy you can wrap all around your product.

The kind of guy . . . millions of good ol’ boys can relate to, are more-likely-to buy that pick-up truck or pair of . . . Wrangler Jeans – if Brett’s puttin’ his name behind it.

So logically it don’t mean a damn thing if he slept around behind his wife’s back, still, don’t not-a-soul in the press want to ask him anything about anybody. There’ll be an outpouring of understanding, sympathy, empathy, even pity for little Brett.

According to Deadspin, who’s the driving force behind this Great White myth-busting expose . . . there are, of course . . .other women beside Jenn Steger. Apparently enough to destroy the methodically crafted image of the holler-then -all-the-Black boys – Great White Athlete.

The White gladiator . . . with his high morals n’ values won’t stoop so-low as to permit his little head to rule over his big head. Despite what may well be an extended period of infidelity on Brett’s part. Yes, cheating on a women who’s forever battling the “Big C.” The Mother of your 3 children. . . .

Do we now know Brett’s really “Black” because of his sexual escapades?

I could see Kobe, LT, McNabb, Shaq, Obama, Dr. Cornell West, Nelson Mendela, Tito Jackson . . . any Black man doing this; someone of obvious dubious character, someone who you’d expect, just based on . . they’re Black, and almost all Black men lie, steal, cheat on their women . . . right?

At this part in this Mississippian soap-opera, you can sit-back, get your popcorn ready . . . we’re all about to watch White men attempt to tap-dance their way out of this mess.

The corporate sponsors who No. 4 fronts . . . should show this man who cheated on his family . . . the back-door. The same back door they were so very quick to open for Mike Vick. Last time I checked . . . cheating on your wife, irrevocably danging the structure of a family. scaring the children . . .

every damaging element Oprah would have a panel of experts point-out . . .

overall – is a deeper, greater, more harmful sin . . .then breeding dogs to fight each other till the death, and bet on the whole affair.

I’d take an America where divorce, infidelity was seldom seen, but people fought dogs everyday. Call me crazy, I do not give damn. There’s a difference in the impact of a crime against civilization; destroying a family, betraying a bond is greater then fighting dogs – with that said – this nation of sportsfans had better disown this White Tiger like they did the wooden one.

The court-of-public opinion had better act; I want to see the identical lynch-mob mentality I saw with Plaxico – because the New York Giant shot himself in the ass, endangered a bunch of night-clubing people-of-color society holds no respect nor love for. . .

I want to see the corporate sponsors react to the outrage of the little people, distance themselves from Favre like he had the Black Plague . . . or was Black . . . like Mike Vick or even Tiger .

. .who is now Black.

But here’s the duplicity and hypocrisy that is America.

Corporate America won’t abandon Brett, because the rank n’ file rednecks won’t turn-their-backs- on him. The trailer park’s may fly flags upside-down because of his stressful marital situation – sleeping-around behind his wife’s back.

Nevertheless considering the current high level of “White hate” . . . my guess is few will abandon Brett. And note; I’m a certified, registered WASP Whisperer. Yes, believe it. I can decipher little white lies, read between the lines . . .

From Ricky Bobby and Archie Bunker to the fat-ass aristocrats like Thurston B. Howell III – White sports fans, the established sports press and Wall Street will stand-by their Great White Hope, even if Favre’s a dope.