Straight No Chaser: Mike’s Burden

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 2, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — I was very disgusted when Tyrone Willingham was prematurely ejected from the Notre Dame gig a few years back.

Charlie Weis, his Great White Hope replacement never replicated the mild success which Willingham achieved.

In some circles, the belief was Ty got screwed, shafted, undercut, back-stabbed . . . pick one, by Notre Dame – the administration, the all-so powerful alumi supporters were threatening to cease underwriting the Fightin’ Irish if Willingham remained head coach.

Aint that the luck of the Black Irish . . . . I believe 49er head coach Mike Singletary is about to encounter the same type of luck.

It seems sports writers are penning columns, left n’ right, here and there – contemplating his fragile fate, his impending doom. And, of course, his replacement will be either a aging boy wonder like Jon Gruden, who already wears Super Bowl bling .

. . thanks to Tony Dungy – or some NFL retread like Mike Holmgren, who couldn’t win it all in Seattle and is currently attempting to heal the sick and raise the dead in Cleavland . . . with no signs of life.

If the York family yanks Singletary . . . . they’ll lose the 49ers locker room. Why? Because at some point, those players, and specifically the Afro-Americans are going to have an awakening, they’ll see, if Mike’s fired, this season or even next . . . he’s not getting a fair and equal opportunity to right the 49er ship compared n’ contrasted to other coaches who are afforded many, many moons to produce a champion. Offered multiple opportunities to achieve success with different franchises.

At some point today’s Afro-American player will realize – he has much more in common with the Black athletes of the 1960’s then he believes. America, the “Melting Pot” is beginning to boil-over, due directly to a Black man in the Oval Office – and the animosity, contempt and hostility held for a Black President can also be seen directed towards Black signal callers on the gridiron and head coaches on the sidelines.

Apparently America is not ready for Black Presidents, Field Generals or head coaches . . . neighbors, bosses, brother-in-laws, children’s school mates . . . .

Black Players and fans aren’t oblivious to the obvious; Singletary is being characterised by the sports-press as all talk, all emotion and little coaching substance. . . . an affirmative action choice, a PR move, given the gig because of his being a one time NFL player/current Hall of Famer/and life-time Black guy . . . All three points are true, but I’ve seen cats with less credentials then that be permitted to run franchises, into the abyss over a 3 or 4 year time span.

You’d think in the Bay . . . they’d stand by their man, their Black Mandingo brute. He may be a little assertive and straight forward, but exactly what these uncontrollable man-amals required.

But now, after his “straight, no chaser” attitude with the press (White guys) it’s time for this uncontrollable, uppity lunatic to be shown the back-door.

Isn’t it, let’s say predictable and oh how so telling Obama is the product of “Affirmative Action’ as is Mike Singletary. And if you listen to the Rednecks within sports, they’ll tell you virtually none of the Black NFL coaches earned nor deserve their positions.

They were given to them as handouts to shut-up all the crying coming from the hood. But hey, honestly, is that not what most of White America believes when it comes to anybody of color doing something beyond swingin’ a mop . . . ?

Is it really odd how Mike Shanahan, Buddy Ryan, Marty Schottenheimer, the Harbaughs and all the good ol’ boys can continue to recruit and promote family members. . . .and its not incestuous – while guys like Mean Joe Green couldn’t get a gig? While guys like Singletary are tarred n’ feathered by envious former bench warmers who call themselves sportswriters.

Denny Green and Herm Edwards ain’t coming back around like Jim Fassell has . . . why?

Please the affirmative Action network for White guys who seek to coach, at the NCAA or NFL tier is embedded in place, make no mistake about it, and don’t let anybody tell you anything but just that. Singletary’s betrayal is about to exemplify this reality.