Straight No Chaser: Controlled Spin

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 20, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — The all-so-high and all-mighty NFL Network as compiled their version of the top 100 players in the story of America’s official national pastime.

It’s interesting . . . if nothing else, and somewhat unpredictable, yet, to a degree – predictable.

Nevertheless, I’m not here to argue the unanswerable. Let’s walk n’ talk. I’m here to ask a question, or better still, a few questions – which any fool would deem relevant, and I believe after I lay them out their relevance will be indisputable and undeniable – you too may ask the same question. Every White player, who played before the 1970 NFL/AFL merger . .

. has to be truly “evaluated” simply because their competition was . . .

limited. Then again, guys like Marion Montley and Jim Brown who played against vastly lily White opposition, truthfully the racial climate they played in sits as a major factor in why a Jim Brown highlight reel looks like a man with a 357 magnum at a knife fight.

I don’t know if Jim would have been so unbelievable had the league not been virtually all White.

Official NFL mouthpieces Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin both wondered, out loud – how Warren Sapp could not be on the list, while Marshall Falk is number 70, Irvin – 92 and Prime Time . . . . 34

Deion argued that he brought “style” to the game, “revolutionized the game” and for those reasons alone – he sought to have been higher on the list. I’d submit, those are the reasons why he, and the ebony gladiator he is symbolic of – is detested by the “White male establishment.”

The fans, owners, writers and players who 20 years ago when prime began to shine- he was seen as some extension of the victorious and boisterous Ali type Black athlete – and as with Ali – WASP culture rejected all that is “prime Time” – and for that reason alone – angry bitter White guys despise all that Sanders brought to the NFL.

He became the cast and dye of Black baller for . . . decades to come.

Deion also solidified the reality . . . White guys could no longer “compete” for the cornerback slot at the NFL level, as they can’t most positions – now that the game is not rigged.

I’m sorry, but if you really want to present an accurate analysis of the top 100 gladiators – you can’t pretend that up until . . . today – race doesn’t have a weigh-able role in who makes the list, and their overall position. From both yesteryear’s “calculated exclusion” of the Mandingo buck – up-to-and-including contemporary times where the Black QB is still held to different performance standards then their Caucasian counterparts.

The only reason we don’t have Black Quarterbacks doting this “greatest of all times” list, the only reason more Blacks didn’t make the list . . . we weren’t allowed to play.


The insecurities and paranoia of White men – the “little Penis Syndrome” – their collective unwarranted and over-the-top fears have, historically, and that’s what we are talking about right, over the span of the sport – forbidden true and legit inclusion and competition.

Black alpha-males displaying their talents and abilities – in front of little White kids and . . . White women – isn’t that what its all about? Is that not why Blacks were forbidden from participating – it might make White folks look . . . white. White women, as they’ve done in droves since segregation was softened might be attracted to the true Alpha males

Like if you saw Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, James Brown and the rest put on a show . . .

you would understand where Elvis and the Beach Boys fit in the overall ranking.

So the effort on part of White America was to banish and bar Black folks from performing on the main stage no different then in other arenas – sports, business, the military and politics.

Bill Maher broke this theory down recently on his HBO show; How so much of the extreme over-the-top reactions coming out of White America has to do with White men’s current frustration, they’re not being able to any-longer dictate every element of American culture and day-to-day life – thus we’re all having to endure this spoiled brat tantrum, the kickin’ n’ screamin’ they’re willing to engage in – to get their way.

Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, Red Grange – the Galloping Ghost, Crazy Legs Hirsch, half the entire league from say 1925 to 1965 most likely could not have made the team, let-along dominated, made the Hall of Fame like these guys did – if segregation was not the spoken rule.

I guarantee the NFL guru’s who compiled this faulty list – there were Black men who could out run, jump, hit, throw, catch and tackle most of the leagues White players.

The ranks of the NFL greatest should be purged – for well over half a century.

White guys wouldn’t permit the most talented on the field – nonetheless today they want to place upon a pedestal players who played against lesser competition – is there any question about that statement, please, I’d like to field a few . . . .