Straight No Chaser: A ugly picture

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 15, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — A picture is worth a ga-zillion words . . . . the Black man, the president of these so called United States of America – embodies, symbolizes and exemplifies all that is evil and threatens the pristine WASP way-of-life.

Welcome to Colorado, the Western Capital of the New Old Confederacy.

The top-contender from the ranks of the “Right,” in-line to sleep in the Governor’s Mansion come the Fall elections is Tom Tancredo; the rebel who’s broken-bread with, chewed-the-fat with card-carrying Confederates . . . and nonetheless, because he’s demonized Obama and wants to terrorize . . . aliens – he’s the support of Angry White folks statewide.

This billboard, being displayed on the Western Slope of the state, in a town called Grand Junction . . . perhaps explains how a state’s population could be true disciples of Archie Bunker.

If Colorado ain’t apart of the Confederacy . . . we might as well be.

Paul Snover, yet another irate “real American” who painted this gem for an dig this unidentified source” stated; “It’s not that Obama is a terrorist or a gangster, it’s that mentality that seems to come across from him and his administration.”

“The Mexican drug smuggler, it’s the border issue in Arizona and him not willing to take it on and handle the situation. And with the gay problem, it’s the social justice issues and trying to manipulate things with that.”

The question is quickly and clearly becoming; will sportsfans, tourist and businessmen support a state, evidently packed-full of racist, sexist, elitist, homo-phobic and overtly conservative Caucasian folks – who believe, dig this – “their nation” has gone too-far, bent-over-backward to accommodate people-of-color.

And specifically Afro-Americans – and are now standing-on-the-verge-of-reversing progress, reversing social advancements virtually everyone regards as progress.
Will businesses boycott the state via conventions and other money-spending ventures because Colorado appears to be a hot-bed of the White-hate backlash we see spreading across the land – camouflaged as a Tea Party.

Please note; the Klan ran deep n’ wide through the Rocky Mountain State for decades, after the advent of the last century; today we’ve got airports, mountains, rivers and parks named after some of the more notable hooded- ones who were also businessmen and politicians . . . just like they still do today.

If you’re weighing n’ measuring a family vacation to Colorado this upcoming holiday season to ski, or later on in the Spring you might come out, bring the ball n’ chain, the cute rug-rats out to catch a few Rocky Mountain Trout – ask yourself do you wish to underwrite, financially support a state whose population is comfortable with Rednecks running the show?

One, just one gander at this racist artwork . . . which, outside of a few GOP Grand Pooh-pahs – the right does not view as insulting or slighting – illustrates “how” the Right feels about . . . everybody else.

A Black Gangster, a Muslim terrorist, a gay radical and an surely illegal Mexican Bandito alien from Planet Mexico . . . yet, nevertheless, still – you and I should believe these people, and the obvious zeal, the over-the-top unleashed emotions they display – reflect a mind which is colorblind, non-prejudice, fair and equitable.

Yeah, sure, these “real Americans” see their nation/the 3rd world – as over-populated with such “undesirables,” the unwashed masses depicted in the billboard – who look exactly like these characters – angry White folks have embraced as true, actual, genuine and authentic representations of entire groups of people.
If you’re considering experiencing Colorado . . . you might want to re-examine who you hand your hard-earned dollars over to.