Straight No Chaser: A Collision Sport

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 19, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — It’s a collision sport, not contact.

It’s played in a nation built by war . . .still at war today, perpetually always at war.

Where’s the “shock” in what happened to the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson or the Browns’ Mohamed Massaquo come from?

Who are the delusional ones who believe the game of football is too brutal . . . . Mommies? Sissies? Liberals, punks, softies . . . Europeans?

Flower-children? “Mommies boys?”

Forgive me for the politically incorrect comments, but in locker-rooms, backyards and barber-shops . . . that’s precisely what most guys are saying.

Because it’s common guy knowledge, that when you strap-on that chin-strap and tie-up those cleats . . . this is one of the few activities which begins to simulate war.

That’s why you’re playing it . . . for the thrill. Granted you won’t get your head shot-off, but, you can get your neck-broke, spend your life in a wheel-chair.

I informed my boy Elroy of that every year he played tackle football – from age 6 to 18 . . . “Son you’re risking your life, your quality of life – are you sure you want to do this again, take the chance?”

Being a man-cub with no little fear . . . .

I told him the same thing on the ski slopes – when at 8 – he’s going what appeared to be 80 mph coming down River Run at Keystone. I told him the same thing when he started to drive, when his nose opened and he discovered girls.

I told him the same thing about drugs, alcohol, gambling . . . be careful – a man’s gotta’ know his limitations - everything’s not for everybody.

With that said; Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand was paralyzed below the neck after making a tackle during a game against Army over the weekend; millions, including myself, have said a little prayer for this kid – but even Eric would tell you he understood he was ‘placing himself in harms way” – like most of us – he thought it would never happened to him. . . .

And I doubt he wants to outlaw football.

Most men understand they don’t have the abilities to play the game of Football, or Box. The same applies to Ultimate barbarians, Hockey, Auto Racing . . . mountain climbing. There’s an acceptance many of these men are likely descendants of the “warrior class” of society.

Who can deny, at the pro level – these men take these “chances”, strategically place themselves in harms way . .

. because they like it. They also calculate it’s worth it.

That’s it. End of debate. In a free society, free, full grown men and women can choose to risk their lives in certain voluntary endeavors.

If we, as a nation don’t like what our love affair with brutality says about us, the US as a whole, then perhaps we ought to ponder what we allow our kids to watch on TV, maybe we should worry if kids go to sleep in a warm bed, with a full-tummy, after mommy n’ daddy tucked them in.

Might Football reflect the fact; you get out . . . what you put in to society.

There’re a number factors which I believe contribute to the outcry surrounding the violent nature of football, starting with the rise to power and influence of those with vagina, women.

Women and the men they’ve been able to most shape and influence. Men raised by single mom’s, or with absentee dads, strong yet philosophically “soft” women – who abhor games of violence – who impose there lady-like civilized laws on the men in their lives; female representation in law-making – overwhelmingly voting for helmet laws and such.

Consider how the court of public opinion now has mandated your child put on a safety helmet when taking out a the trash, making up their beds.

My and your grandmother is behind the emergence of Extreme sports; Extreme four-square, Extreme Marbles, Kite-flying.

These are the “sports” my mother, grandmother and aunts would endorse.

Another element ignored; the NFL’s dominated by Afro-Americans . . . so of-course the game is regarded as “animalistic’ merely based upon how White America classifies Colored folks as savages in tennis shoes.

The game is more brutal when you see Ray-Ray in his war paint – opposed to Brain Urlacher or Brain Cushing roaring at you . . .

because Black men “scare” White people more then any other segment of society. You’d have to ask one of them why.

No? That’s not-the-fact-Jack? Please!

Additionally – almost all the Black players come from “Blue” and Pink” collar homes, a large slice from homes with no-collar at all. Most of the White kids hale from mainstream USA; Farms and suburbs. The Ivy League, home of America’s nobility and aristocrats places but a dwarf’s handful of players in the NFL.

So, at the end of the day you’ve got poor colored people making millions – beating themselves up in-front of wealthy White fans sitting in the poor people payed for coliseum, drinking beer, slappin’ half naked bimbos’ on the ass in the upper level “lounges.’

As you can decipher; I’m not impressed with this nation’s shallow as a Palm Springs rain puddle morals and values. If you want to make the gridiron safer – widen the field to slow the game down, take-off the face-mask, take off the helmet .

. . .

But don’t make little Bobby come inside and watch TV.