Looking at Saturday’s Heroes (Volume III)

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 14, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Week 6 was a shocker!!

The Gamecocks strutted pass Alabama. LSU faked it. The Seminoles reclaim the state of Florida and the Buckeyes are now the best team in college football.

Find out if your favorite team is still in the Top 20 new and improved Eric Graham Stiff-Arm College Football Poll. Remember the rules, if you win, you are in…..And there are no exceptions to the rules.

1. Ohio State (6-0)

The Buckeyes No.1 ranking gets tested this Saturday against the (4-1) Badgers of Wisconsin. This is Terrelle Pryor’s Heisman statement game.

2. Nebraska (5-0)

Red-shirt freshman (QB) and Heisman hopeful Tyler Martinez leads the Big 12 in rushing with 147.4 yards per game. This week, Martinez leads the Cornhuskers against the (3-2) Texas Longhorns after an impressive (48-13) win against Kansas St. last Thursday on ESPN.

3. Oklahoma (5-0)

4. Oregon (6-0)

5. LSU (6-0)

The ball keeps bouncing in the right direction for the Bengals of the Bayou. Forget all the questions about clock management, a win is a win.

And the Tigers are still undefeated.

6. Auburn (6-0)

Cam Newton is 2nd in the SEC in total offense with 301.7 yards per game.

This week, the Tigers meet their biggest challenge against the Razorbacks of Arkansas. The SEC Championship is on the line.

7. Boise State (5-0)

Boise State now owns the nation’s longest winning streak at 19. This week, the streak continues as the bucking Broncos take on San Jose State.

8. TCU (6-0)

Go figure, the Horn-Frogs are the only ranked team in Texas.

9. Michigan St. (6-0)

After beating Michigan 34-17 last week, the Spartans of Michigan State are (6-0) for the first time since 1999.

10. Utah (4-0)

11. Oklahoma St. (5-0)

12. Missouri (5-0)

13. Nevada (5-0)

14. South Carolina (4-1)

Last week, the Gamecocks snapped Alabama’s 19 game winning streak by defeating the Crimson Tide (35-21). This week, they take on the Wildcats of Kentucky. South Carolina has won the last 10 games against the Wildcats.

15. Alabama (5-1)

16. Iowa (4-1)

17. Wisconsin (4-1)

The Bucky the Badgers take on Brutus the Buckeye Saturday at 7 pm Eastern Time on ESPN.

18. Arkansas (4-1)

19. Florida St. (5-1)

The Seminoles new head coach Jimbo Fisher has Florida State back in the top 20 after whipping Miami (45-17).

20. Stanford (5-1)

Honorable mention: West Virginia (5-1), Michigan (5-1), NC State (5-1), Air Force (5-1), Arizona (4-1)

Note: This poll will dramatically change after next week’s games. So don’t be surprised if your favorite team gets stiff-armed out of the top 20. In other words, keep your chin-strap on.