Hating Black Athletes: Part Two

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 13, 2010

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — Remember, pre-war Berlin 1929-38? Propaganda was used daily to prop up the Nazi German regime and their political agenda.

This is the oldest political game in the book and we are seeing it portrayed in the American sports field. This attitude casts continuous dispersions on African American male athletes.

The list of the “most hated athletes” below is a combination of data from seven different lists and seven different magazines. The last three players are Caucasian athletes.

1. Michael Vick 2. LeBron James

3. Tiger Woods

4. Terrell Owens

5. Barry Bonds

6. Kobe Bryant

7. Alex Rodriquez

8. Ben Roethlisberger

9. Kyle Busch

10. Sidney Crosby

Surprisingly with the overall average New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter would be No. 11 on this list. What has he done to merit this position? This selection is mind boggling or is this just Yankee bashing?

Interestingly only one person on this list went to jail. While the others on this list committed personal and private offenses. The next question is, how did they develop the order of this list. What were the qualifications to merit this list?

The research in this report included: ESPN Magazine, Sports Today- Bleacher Report, NBC-Philadelphia, GQ Magazine, Sports-Untapped, NBC- Washington, Forbes, Yahoo Sports, Starzlife, and the AJC Sports Reporter. It has come to my attention that some of the web sites have pulled their list off the internet.

Gee, I wonder why?

So were is the venom coming from?

— Today there are more African American participants in the sports world.

— The majority of writers in America are middle aged white males and they who have no culture connections to the modern Black athlete of today.

— They are very jealous of these men making so much money. The majority of them are millionaires.

— A few of these athletes are either married too, or have been involved, or are involved with white women.

— The issue of using illegal substances while playing their sports without paying the consequences.

These five points are directed at African American athletes

Mentioning the name Barry Lamar Bonds, faces turn red, people hyperventilate and their veins pop out of their necks. The reaction is the same to the name Michael Vick.

This is not by accident. This is done on purpose to create an emotional reaction. Keep these men in the public eye. The American media keep pushing the agenda that Black men are dysfunction, dishonest, are sexual deviants, and will never fit in the American system.

What a grave mistake !!! Because we have an intelligent African-American male at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. who is currently the leader of the most powerful country in the world. African-American men are doctors, lawyers, chief city executives, and of course writers, all across this great nation.

Anyone who recently watched a newscast would believe that Black males were wild crazed animals that cannot control themselves killing each other, playing sports, entertain the masses, or being servants.

This is the old slave mentality. America should be praising Vick for turning his life around leading a professional football team to victory. Vick should be a beacon for other black males in the prison system.

He should be the inspiration for other black men, but no the negative drum beat continues. At the current time, fans in South Philly are singing E-A-G-L-E-S.

However, let Vick make another mistake or have a bad game at Lincoln Financial Field he will returned to the No. 1 hated sports figure in the United States in 2010.

If the Eagles win the NFC East with Vick all will be forgiven – or will it?

Remember Mr. Vick will always be an ex-convict and many non-minority fans will throw that into the face of Black America and Vick. He’s currently is the new number one hated athlete until America can find another one to fill the spot.

What happened to Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry who admitted he cheated with sand paper, nail files, and the spitball when he was on the mound? There is not the rage, not the anger; Perry is just one of the home folks, having fun.

Cheating is part of baseball.

Where is the anger with Boston, Toronto, and New York in regards to pitcher Roger Clemens? He still remains arrogant about his use or non use of steroids, but the media rage is just not there.

Where is the anger when you hear the name of Mark McGwire? Mark was hired last spring as a hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals. The baseball community and the American public welcomed him with open arms.

Barry Bonds — the home run king — could be teaching the San Francisco Giants how to hit the baseball. However, he has not been offered a job. He could be an asset to any team in baseball but alas I digress.

Where are the red faces, heart-throbbing veins, and raised voices when it comes to Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre who will not leave the game of football. Brett enters training camp whenever he feels like it or not even practice at all.

Let an African American quarterback do the same and see if he is still playing in the (NFL) No Fun League. Favre has thrown two teammates under the bus and disrupted another teams plans in the process.

He refused to help Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay three years ago. He left the New York Jets in limbo during the whole summer two years ago, and now he’s blocking Tarvaris Jackson in Minnesota.

He’s stunted Jackson‘s growth at the position. But not a single comment from the writing brethren.

Where was the National Organization of Women when it came to this summers legal allegations on Ben Roethlisberger? Big Ben was accused of sexual assault on a young college coed in Georgia.

This is the third time that “Big Ben” has run afoul with the law. No anger here, no hate here, and he might have violated several women’s rights.

The American sports media corps ignored the fact the Olympic swimmer and gold medal winner was caught on film with a bong full of Marijuana by the British Press.

Michael Phelps just got a slap on the wrist and moved on with his life. No anger here, no hate here. In fact, Mr. Phelps received a commercial with the Subway Sandwich Company.

All of these events begin to add up. It’s the little things that provide the pattern. The pattern is definitely clear. The Rules have always been different for minority players and they change constantly to suit the powers in charge.

This is the mindset of America. The first seven athletes on the list are people of color, it’s neither a misprint nor a mistake and it reveals the mentality of the American sports fan and the sportswriter.

Let’s go back in time once more. The No. 1t was reserved for LeBron James only months ago for his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat.
Yet everybody forgets why LeBron went to Miami..

It is to win an NBA championship. Is that not what most profession players play for? Mr. James gave the ownership of Cleveland a chance by staying in Ohio for seven years. What more could you ask from any individual?

The owner of the Cavaliers could have traded James at anytime and that would have been alright. Yes, LeBron might have announced it in a bold manner on ESPN and that might have been a mistake, but to receive such emotional hate is just unacceptable.

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