First Quarter: Stock Up, Stock Down

By L.A. Batchelor, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 8, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — It’s already October and four weeks into the NFL season and already we have lots of surprises.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the last undefeated teams, the San Francisco 49ers (a Super Bowl pick by some) are winless, and Randy Moss is going back to the Minnesota to join Brett Favre and the Vikings.

The stock is up in Baltimore, while the stock is way down in Carolina.

Let’s take a look at the “First Quarter” in the NFL as well as some college football stocks rising and dropping too.


Stock up:

1. Ravens: Although the Steelers handed the win to Baltimore with too many mistakes and penalties, the Ravens still were solid and got a big win on the road in a tough place to play.

2. Steelers: This idea the mainstream media is spinning that if Ben Roethlisberger had been behind center against Baltimore, the Steelers would be 4-0 at their bye week is a joke. Pittsburgh lost the game because of too many penalties in particular on the defensive side of the ball. It’s a loss that could come back to haunt them since the rematch will be played in Baltimore. Nevertheless, the Steelers have a balanced attack on both sides of the ball WHEN THEY ARE NOT COMMITTING STUPID PENALTIES and hope to get better offensively with Ben Rothlis-PERVERT returns.

3. Jets: With all the talk about “too much talking” by Rex Ryan and his players, “Gang Green” has played well especially on offense over the last three weeks led by the much-maligned Mark Sanchez. The just are showing good balance on offense with a “fountain of youth” performance by LaDanian Tomlinson and are getting solid play from their defense which is scary considering Darrelle Revis has been out the last two weeks.

4. Packers: My NFC Super Bowl pick should be 4-0, but like Pittsburgh they committed too many penalties two weeks ago at Chicago. They got a little of their swagger back with a surprisingly tough win against the Lions, but Packer fans should be concern how Detroit moved the ball and scored against the Green Bay D.

5. Saints: The defending Super Bowl Champs make the top five primarily because they are the Champs from last season. But they certainly are not playing like them. Even before injuries to Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas and Drew Brees, the offense has struggled to score points and defensively, they are back to giving up too many yards on the ground.

6. Tennessee: They suffered a tough and surprising home loss to to the Broncos last week. The Titans are solid on both sides of the ball but sometimes lack focus which is a direct reflection of Jeff Fisher who in my opinion, has lost the respect of this team. Meanwhile, the Vince Young experience looks to come to and end this season as management and fans don’t appreciate them.

7. Colts: Just when you think the Colts are ready to run off 10 straight wins, they lay an egg at Jacksonville. In the past, Indy’s savior Peyton Manning would lead them to a victory despite how bad the defense would play but no longer can he help and hide their defense. If the Colts can’t get it together on the defensive side of the ball, their run of consecutive playoff appearances will be coming to a crashing halt this season.

8. Chiefs: K.C. should be happy they are in the top ten and the only reason they are in the top ten is because they are still undefeated and that’s because of their solid defense led by the leadership of defensive coordinator Romeo Crennell and talented players like Glenn Dorsey.

9. Falcons: The Falcons got off the mat and beat the reeling Niners to improve to 3-1. The defense has been playing exceptionally well and if they can get better play on offense, we could be looking at Atlanta as the next NFC South champs instead of the Saints.

10. Bears: The Bears are only going to go as well or poorly as Jay Cutler plays. Although the lost against the Giants wasn’t totally his fought, holding on to the ball or making bad decisions with the ball is his responsibility and if he reverts to the Cutler of last year, Chicago will be in for another long and unsuccessful season.

Borderline stock:

11. Vikings: No Sidney Rice, no problem — I guess. The Vikings in desperate need of a deep threat that’s healthy and has experience land the ultimate weapon in Randy Moss in a shocking trade with the Patriots. With Adrian “Superman” Peterson in the backfield and a solid defense, you would think that Minnesota is on their way to play in the big game in Dallas early next year. But the key is Brett Favre and if he will allow the weapons around him to flourish and win games or will his ego get in the way and lose them. Get ready to sell!

12. Texans: Even though the Texans are sporting a 3-1 record, they’ve beaten a Colts team still struggling early, a average D.C. team and a Raiders team who continue to struggle stopping teams defensively. Although they can run the ball, I have no faith in Matt “Scrub” I mean Schaub and if you block Mario Williams and their down lineman, you can throw all day for big yardage against their secondary. Stand by for a call from your broker!

13. Chargers: Have you heard this from me before: Two words why the Chargers will not make the playoffs — Norv Turner. Now add two new words: A.J. Smith. O.K. that’s three, but still get ready to sell!

14. Cowboys: Six words that should get you on the phone with your broker to sell: Tony Romo, Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett!

15. Giants: New York is the verge of being a bad stock even with their win against the Bears. Eli Manning looks like a “punch drunk” boxer, Brandon Jacobs needs to run better, and head coach Tom Coughlin is running out of time. The best thing going for the “G-MEN” is that they play in the NFC “LEAST”. Stay by the phone!

16. Washington: Let’s see, no weapons on offense, no play makers on defense and a coach who is hell bent on doing it his way even if it cost his team victories. Like the “Skins”, they have to be thankful they play in the NFC “LEAST!”

17. Cardinals: NO QUARTERBACK! Enough said!

18. Rams: St. Louis is truly a borderline stock because they have a rookie quarterback Sam Bradford who has ability but not enough weapons around him especially with a Stephen Jackson who is not healthy right now. If they can play big on defense and score some points, this could be the team who stock could rise as the season goes on.

19. Broncos: Kyle Orton is a pro at quarterback but he doesn’t have consistent help at wide receiver. Defensively, Denver has trouble getting to the quarterback which puts lots of pressure on their secondary and even more pressure on the offense to score enough points to win.

20. Bengals: SEE NUMBER 17.



22. Raiders: The curse of Jason Campbell Continues!

23. Eagles: Kevin Kolb? HA HA HA!


25. Dolphins Chad Henne? HA HA HA!

26. Buccaneers: A young team with not enough talent right now although Josh Freeman is special.

27. Patriots: Let’s see, you trade your best player, trade your best running back, lose your most versatile running back for the season and continue to struggle with your offensive line and defense and you really think you have a chance to win the AFC East and make the playoffs? Time to trade this stock and fast!

28. Seahawks: TWO WORDS — Pete Carroll. Sell fast!

29. Lions– SEE NUMBERS 23 AND 25 AND SELL!

30. 49ers: They have the talent but Mike Singletary will have to eat some humble pie to get the ear of his players again. Stay tuned.

31. Panthers-HA HA HA!


Top ten Stock in College football to buy:

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Oregon

4. TCU

5. Nebraska

6. Auburn

7. Miami

8. Boise State

9. Michigan

10. Iowa

Top ten Stock in College football to sell:

1. Florida

2. Arkansas

3. Utah

4. Oklahoma

5. South Carolina

6. Wisconsin

7. Stanford

8. LSU

9. Florida State

10.North Carolina State

Don’t even think of buying:

1. Notre Dame

2. Pittsburgh

3. Texas

4. Penn State

5. USC

Best in HBCU no one is buying:

1. Bethune-Cookman University

2. Morehouse College

3. Saint Augustine’s College

4. Hampton University

5. Alcorn State 

Until the second quarter, watch your stocks closely!