By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 25, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — It was amazing!!

I finally got to see the Oregon Ducks play football last Thursday night on ESPN. Their gap-scheme offense, which tries to catch defenses out of position, was unbelievable.

At one moment in the game, I thought I had accidently pressed the fast-forward button on my remote control, because of the way the Ducks’ devastating offense quickly maneuvered down the football field in front of their hometown fans.

The first quarter against the Bruins of UCLA, in fact, was actually one big yellow blur with splashes of green spics. Even the ESPN broadcasters were tongue-tied due to the up-beat touchdown tempo displayed by the Ducks.

Because even before you could catch your breathe, the score was 32-3. And it was only halftime. As a result, the only way UCLA could slow down Chip Kelly’s Oregon Ducks was to fake an injury, catch a cramp, or call a time.

But even these weak attempts to slowdown the Ducks’ outstanding offense, failed miserably. Why? Because the Ducks didn’t run a 2:00 offense, they ran a 30-second offense.

It was college football’s version of a NBA fast break. Even NBA Hall-Famer and UCLA Bruin alumnus Kareem Abdul Jabber, who was in attendance, stared in amazement at Oregon’s “Quack Attack” offense.

The Ducks whose motto is FAST. HARD. FINISH. did exactly that by finishing the contest against UCLA with a 60-13 victory.

Oregon QB Darron Thomas, in fact, finished the game with 22 completions out of 31 attempts with 308 yards and three touchdowns while teammate and Heisman hopeful LaMichael James, ran HARD and finished with 20 carries and 123 yards with two touchdowns.

The Ducks were so impressive against UCLA. They are now ranked as the No.1 team in college football in both human polls.

The BCS needs to recognize!!